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Forums Forums Welcome! Sir Christopher Lee Vs Sir Ian McKellen

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    Two wonderful actors, both Sirs. Think such great casting from Peter Jackson.

    Sir Christopher Lee – much underrated and I think unfairly typecast early in his career re: horror. Proved in later life that he could command the screen with great character acting. And such a wonderful, distinct voice, that grabbed your attention. Gravitas, authority lives here.

    Sir Ian McKellen (or should that be Shire Ian McKellen) – born to do this role (though Sir Christopher thought that he was destined for this role – he read the Trilogy every year for over 40 years). Masterful in his performance in that he is so warming and yet you feel there are always unanswered questions re: his character.

    In homage to these two great actors …my little impression of these two wonderful actors in one of the great scenes when they confront each other. Please click the link below to have a look. Only 60 secs. Hope you like…