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  • How to Write an Essay: Basic Principles and Practical Tips

  • davidross

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    Let’s say at once: the formulaic approach to extraessay reviews writing is rare and often unacceptable. As a rule, to write an essay, you need to strain your brain. And that’s fine, dear friends! Agree – it’s nice to feel the freshness in your brain starting to work with double power.

    Advice one: read essays by other authors. It will help you develop your own style. After all, an essay is not a dictation, and writing it, if you really want to write well, will require you to have a sense of style. According to experts, the writing style of a good essay can be characterized as emotional, expressive, and artistic.

    Tip two: prepare yourself, study the literature on the given topic, make sense of what you’ve read. We have already said that an essay is a creative work and implies a statement of reflection on a certain topic. The essay is not addressed to a “dummie,” but to a reader who has at least a minimal understanding of the issue at hand. Were it otherwise, we would simply drown in details when writing it. Therefore, in order to write about something qualitatively, you should have knowledge on the relevant topic. Formulate talking points and arguments.

    Tip three: think about the structure and outline of the essay. An essay can have an arbitrary structure. And the only formal rule when writing it can be called only the presence of a heading. Nevertheless, the most popular structure of an essay looks as follows:


    • Introduction
    • Thesis-Arguments
    • Conclusion
    • Literature

    Here, the thesis is the author’s actual thought, the argument is its rationale. If you’re looking for a cliché on how to write an essay, here it is.

    Tip four: Don’t “overload” the essay. Brevity is the sister of talent. We are well aware that everyone has their own style, but too long sentences can be considered “mauvais ton”, which will not play into your hands.

    Tip number five: Be honest with yourself. No need to invent or attribute to yourself the thoughts of others. Write naturally, and your essay will benefit from that.

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    Aug 30, 2021 at 4:52 am
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