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    Age-long, the balrog fell and Gandalf clung
    in mortal combat under MiddleEarth.
    An epic too few minstrels would have sung,
    out of proportion to the subject’s worth.
    Sent back to do Iluvatar’s behest,
    reborn, a wizard greater than before,
    distracting Sauron from the Hobbits’ quest,
    flamboyant general of the sham war.
    Faux-elf, who wields the greatest Elvish ring
    diverting Mordor from the Free World’s bet,
    wise midwife to the Fourth Age and its King
    lured armies far from Frodo and his threat.
    In Moria, he fell to rise again
    This subtle author of the Age of Men.

    Aug 26, 2021 at 8:21 pm
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