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    Drogo Baggins

    An interesting thing happened to me this afternoon. My elderly uncle called and said he had a flat tire in our downtown and couldn’t figure how to use the jack on his Prius, could I come help? It was near the end of my work day and he was only about 10 min. away so I went. I knelt down by the tire and was trying to figure out where to set the jack to lift the car….not a very obvious thing. All of a sudden a guy walked up and said I was dressed too nice (slacks and a dress shirt) to be kneeling on the ground he had grubbier clothes so he could do it. He was tall and bearded with a cigarette in his mouth and tattoos all over his arms but he laid right down on the pavement and figured it out. As he was cranking on the jack (not a good jack) he was chatting us up, seemed a nice guy. He was from out of town but he and his wife were in town to visit our local cancer center….she’s recovering from breast cancer. Then I got a look at the tattoos. On the back of one hand was a large JRRT rune and on the other hand was a large elvish rune (looked it up later…it was Gandalf’s G). On his forearm was the drawing of Smaug…in red even… and the Lonely Mountain from Thror’s map…Tolkien’s original drawing. There were other things that I didn’t quite commit to memory, names and things probably not Hobbit related, but it was quite impressive to see JRRT and Gandalf prominently on his hands. I so wanted to say “so you’re a Tolkien fan?” but chickened out. But I have to believe one doesn’t put those tattoos on without a serious fandom. He finished putting the spare on, my uncle and I thanked him and we all went on our way….didn’t even mention names. Might have to just call him Gandalf……