What are we supposed to recover from?  And why do fairy stories provide it?  And why do we need to escape? And how do fairy stories break us out?

As we get closer to finishing out “On Fairy Stories,” Michael Dan and I discuss how recovery and escape are 2 of the 3 things (consolation will be next week!) that these fantasy tales offer us.  We look at:

  • Recovery from what?
  • What is this “mooreeffoc” he wrote about?
  • Has the world lost the ability to recover?
  • Why modern stories don’t offer escape
  • Star Trek vs Star Wars — as fairy stories
  • And how Tolkien was wrong about science fiction!

Then in our members-only episode (https://theonering.com/members) we discuss:

  • How modern buildings reflect the loss of recovery.
  • Does recovery/escape/consolution bleed over to other art forms?
  • Do visual arts bring about escape?
  • Does music bring about escape?

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Tales from the Perilous Realm (has “On Fairy Stories” essay)

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