Silvren’s Journey-The End of All Things end of 2 + Chap 3

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Pippin ran towards the tower; he had seen a dark ball roll down the stairs and into the water. Pippin reached into the murky water and picked up the crystal ball. It was dark and glowing within the center of it.
“I’ll take that, my lad.” Gandalf said as he and the others came down the stairs. “Quickly, now.” he added as Pippin glanced back at the globe and hesitated to give it to him.
“What about Silvren?” Legolas asked angrily. “We cannot leave her here. Who knows what they’ll do to her!” he said as Gandalf quickly took the globe from Pippin and wrapped it within his robe.
“We won’t. Do not worry, young prince.” Gandalf replied. “Let’s-” a shrill shriek from the tower above cut him off. “Well Saruman has discovered that his treasure is missing. Let’s leave them.”
The sun was setting as they passed through the gates of Isengard. The company was silent as everyone contemplated what they had just witnessed. Legolas, Eanil, and Aragorn were busy thinking about Silvren, none of them wanted to abandon her.
Legolas’ chest swelled with emotion as his mind raced with different thoughts on how to rescue Silvren or whether he should just wait as Gandalf advised.
“When will we stop to rest?” Merry asked Gandalf.
“About a mile from Isengard’s gate. We won’t leave until we rescue Silvren.” Gandalf glanced back at Legolas who nodded in acknowledgment.
“How are we going to do that?” Pippin asked, his accent very distinct.
“I don’t know, I don’t know.” the old wizard muttered as he gazed out ahead of him.
A chill wind blew about them as they left the road and dismounted to make camp. A fire was made in the hollow among the roots of a spreading Hawthorne as tall as a tree, buds swelling at the tip of each twig.
Legolas sat down beside the fire, deep in thought as his arms rested upon his knees.
“We’ll think of something, don’t worry.” Gimli said as he sat down beside Legolas.
“We need something soon.” Legolas muttered.
“Have either of you seen Gandalf?” asked Aragorn approaching the two friends.

Chapter Three

Silvren opened her eyes and sighed heavily, glancing down at the black dress the only female orc had dressed her in. It was just like the one Telden had given her a few years earlier. Her head bobbed up and down as she sat against the cold, black wall. A heavy chain was anchored to the wall and had a choker on the other end that was clamped around her neck.
Silvren wanted to cry or scream for help but she couldn’t. Saruman had cast a simple spell over her without the use of his staff and strangely, she was feeling weaker and weaker with every minute that passed. She wasn’t hungry or couldn’t feel the need to eat, she was loosing weight and energy as she sat there. She was alone in the round room she had stood in earlier with Gandalf and the rest of the company.
The ring was warm against her chest as she gazed fearfully around the dark room. Then, as the ring suddenly grew warmer, she realized someone was coming. It dawned on her that Saruman was after the ring and there wasn’t much she could do to hide it, so she did the one thing she could. Silvren took off the neck and hid it in the bodice of her dress.
“I believe you have something I am in great need of.” a calm voice said as soft footsteps entered the dark chamber and started her way.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Silvren said, finding that she could talk again.
“I believe you do.” the voice said as Saruman stepped into the faint moonlight. “Give me the ring.”
“What ring?” Silvren tried to buy time.
“The ring your father gave you when you were born. The ring that was created before the Ring of Sauron” Saruman’s voice grew louder as he obviously began to panic and grow frustrated.
“I have no ring. Leave me alone.”
“You must have it.” Saruman seethed and struck Silvren across the face with his hand. “I will do anything it takes to get that ring, even if it means breaking you.”
* * *
“No.” Legolas and Gimli replied together.
“We need your help.” Gimli said to Aragorn.
“With what?” he asked as he sat down beside the two.
“With rescuing Silvren. I won’t leave her there no matter what Gandalf has in minds. She is not his tool.” Legolas replied.
“Then I’m coming with you.” Eanil stepped out of the shadows. “She saved my life, I shall return the favor.” the elf gazed from one face to another and finally rested upon Legolas’.
“We can’t do anything until we find Gandalf.” Aragorn broke in.
“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s find him.” Gimli growled.
* * *
Gandalf and Shadowfax cantered back towards Isengard under the shadow of the moon. The cool air rushed pass them as they rode. Time was not of an essence therefore they had to make haste.
“Easy boy.” Gandalf said as he rode through the gates up to the door of Isengard. If one though it was an eerie place in the daylight, it was a tenfold of that at night. Shadows lay all over the abandon field, growing up out of crevices in skeletal like arms reaching out to snag the unsuspecting victim who just so happen to walk past.
“Stay here. I’ll be back on a few minutes.” he muttered to Shadowfax. Gandalf dismounted and began climbing up the stairs to the door which he found unlocked.
“What do you want?” a voice hissed from the darkness. “Haven’t you tortured me enough?”
Gandalf turned to see Saruman standing in front of Silvren who sat against the fall and looked to be asleep.
“I’ve come to reclaim something that you have taken from me and my companions.” Gandalf said.
“Oh, I see how it is. I must say I am very shocked that you would and Legolas would allow such behavior.” Saruman smiled evilly.
“That is not what I meant. It sickens me that you would think of such foulness.” Gandalf growled and used his staff to throw Saruman up against the wall and then let him drop beside Silvren like a rag-doll.
“She’s mine, you can’t have her!” Saruman shouted as Gandalf made his way towards Silvren.
“Hold your tongue and keep your lies to yourself. She is not yours and never has been.” Gandalf said in a loud thunderous voice.
“You know of the prophecy. Elrond has told you about it. The gifts the Valor has given her through that ring and the future they had foretold.”
“It does not concern you, Saruman.”
“It does!” the hopeless wizard cried out in rage. “I will be the one who stands beside the king who unites the cities of old, I will be that powerful king she marries!”
“Enough!” Gandalf shouted as he held up his hand and raised his staff in the other hand. You are as worthless as your forked-tongue serpent.”
Gandalf held his staff up and a rumbled of thunder sounded, Saruman writhed in pain as he clumsily gathered himself to his feet and vanished into the darkness. Gandalf breathed deeply as he lowered his hand and staff. Then he turned around to face Silvren.

Silvren’s head dropped forward as she slowly began to fall but was caught by gentle hands. Tilting her head up, she looked up into the weary but comforting face of Gandalf.
“Gandalf?” she breathed uncertainly.
“Shh. I’m getting you out of here, child.” he whispered as he scooped her limp body into his arms, the iron collar still clasped firmly around her neck even though Gandalf had broken the chain attaching it to the wall.
Gandalf carried her and her belongings, that he had recovered from another room, down the stairs to Shadowfax. The white horse was waiting impatiently and neighed upon seeing Gandalf.
Gandalf mounted the horse with Silvren cradled in his arms and they galloped back towards camp.

“I want to stand.” Silvren murmured as Gandalf climbed off Shadowfax’s back and helped Silvren down.
“I do not think it wise.” he informed her.
“Alright, but not for long.” Gandalf agreed and set her feet on the ground.
* * *
Legolas had heard Shadowfax whinny and he looked over his shoulder towards the sound, hoping Gandalf would be coming towards them. He was growing impatient. He saw Gandalf standing beside Shadowfax but there was another figure beside Gandalf, a lanky figure he did not recognize at first.
Legolas’ jaw dropped as he and the others stood to their feet. He could not believe his eyes; it was Silvren Gandalf had gone and rescued her without them. His heart was overflowing with joy but he felt a strange tugging at the back of his mind; something was wrong. As he walked closer and she took several faint, wobbly steps towards him, he could see it. She was deathly pale and much skinnier than usual. The black dress she wore hung limply down her body and the rings she now wore around her neck looked odd as her pale, bony body. She looked to be on the verge of death.
Legolas ran over to her but hesitated when he wrapped is arms around her. Her legs gave out beneath her and her back arched backwards as well as Legolas reached out to support her back with his hand.
“Silvren?” he choked, he could feel how short and uneasy her breathing was.
Legolas scooped her limp body up into his arms, her head pressed against his chest as he gazed down into her open eyes. They were dull and lifeless, her hands were as colds as snow on Mount Cahadaras.
“Legolas.” she breathed faintly as she closed her eyes and snuggled her face into his chest. He held her all the more tightly and gently rocked her back and forth in his arms as the others gather near.
“Saruman has linked her fate to that of the Ring as wall as cast a spell upon her.” Gandalf informed him, watching sorrowfully as Legolas held her close. A single tear fell from the elf’s eye and dropped on Silvren.
“How?” Legolas asked with a confused expression as he turned his gaze upon Gandalf.
“I don’t know, but it is the spell that is making her weaker and appears to be draining the life out of her.
“What do we do?”
“I’m taking her on to Edoras.”
“I’m not parting with her.” Legolas implied firmly.
“That’s what I though. I came back here to see if you would accompany us.”
“I’ll be coming with you.” Gimli stepped forward.
“Do you mind riding with Gandalf?” Legolas asked Gimli.
“Laddie, of course I don’t.” Gimli smiled up at him.
“It’s so cold.” Silvren whispered trying to snuggle closer to Legolas.
With one hand, Legolas unfastened the broach to his cloak and draped the cloak around Silvren.
“Let’s go.” Gandalf said as he mounted Shadowfax again. Aragorn helped Gimli up behind Gandalf and then turned to the wizard. “we’ll see you there.” he nodded his head and then stepped back beside Eanil.
Legolas carefully mounted Arod while cradling Silvren in front of him. They rode off into the night towards Edoras, riding as fast as they could.


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