The Unforging of the Ring

by Oct 18, 2007Poetry


Over forbidden mountains black
By cursed road and twisted track
We must go on, without the dawn
To take this thing of evil back

Far from the hope of home and Shire
Following roads of peril dire
Still we must press, the wrong redress
Deep in the mountain’s ancient fire

Beyond the help of council wise
On stony bed, ‘neath hidden skies
We will not fall, for past the pall
The bright and blessed stars yet rise

Though darkness light and laughter take
Though courage fails and feet may quake
It cannot end, we will not bend!
Our hearts are set, they cannot break.

Through journeys cold and comfortless
And onward to the dark abyss
‘Neath mountain’s shade, the sun will fade,
But we will climb and conquer this!

In triumph’s hour all hope has fled
As here we lie on stony bed
Our hearts are light, we conquered might,
Though life for us is gone and dead.

Though fading from our mortal eyes,
We glimpse the dawn through smoky skies
The light has come! Our task is done!
On eagles’ wings our spirits rise.



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