Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 19

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Many years went by and Silvren was now 1,033 years old, teen in the eyes of Elves, but maturing into a young woman.
Over the years, Silvren had grown tall, slender and extremely beautiful. She was strong for her slender stature and fairly agile. She had waist-long, dark brown hair that was softer than silk. Her eyes were a striking blue-grey color that could pierce your heart. Her lips were a medium pink color and as soft as rose petals. Just like Arwen, she had an exquisite singing voice.
Many of the Elven-lords and men noticed and admired her, but, just like Arwen, she paid them no heed. She had changed a lot in appearance but she was still the same tomboyish and trouble-making girl she used to be.

“Ah, Gilrean, it’s good to see you. I’m glad the two of you arrived safely.” Elrond said greeting their guest.
“As am I, my lord.” the woman said, switching a little boy from her left hip to her right hip.
“Come, we shall talk inside where it is safer.” Elrond said
and turned, walking towards the house. Silvren followed
Elrond with Gilrean and the small boy not to far behind her.
They followed him down different corridors to his study and
entered through the massive oak doors.

“So this must be little Aragorn.” Elrond said looking at the small boy in Gilrean’s arms.

The little boy looked up at Elrond with big blue eyes, full of curiosity and wonder.
“Aye, it is.” Gilrean replied as she brushed a lock of wavy brown hair out of the boy’s face.
“For his safety he shall be called Estel, meaning ‘Hope’ and he shall not know of his ancestry. ” Elrond said firmly.
Gilrean nodded in reply as she set Estel on the floor next to her.
“This is my youngest daughter, Silvren.” Elrond motioned

towards Silvren, who was standing to the side. She dipped into a small curtsy saying, “My lady.”
“She will help take care of young Estel. You can be sure that he is in safe hands. Silvren, show Gilrean and Estel to their rooms, for they must be exhausted.”
“Thank you, my lord.” Gilrean said, dipping into a curtsy and followed Silvren out of Elrond’s study. She followed her down the corridor and up a set of stairs to her chamber.


“Estel! Where are you?!” Silvren called out. “Come here, you little stinker.”
Silvren was walking down a path among different trees and bushes. She had been playing hide and seek with six year old Estel and now she couldn’t find him. But, she knew she was close to him and he knew it too. Silvren stopped in the middle of the path to listen to the sounds around her. At first, all she could hear was the sound of birds flying in the sky above or singing in the trees nearby. Then she heard it. A small, muffled giggle coming from the bushes to her left.
Slowly, she crept over to the bushes and parted them open with her hands. There she found Estel, grinning and wide-eyed.
“Come here, you little squirt.” she said as she lifted the boy out of the bushes and set on the path in front of her. “I’m leaving tomorrow, you know that don’t you?” she asked him. Estel nodded and looked up at her.
“Why?” he asked sadly.
The two of them had grown quite close since Estel and Gilrean arrived in Rivendell. They were practically inseparable and always playing together. And always getting into trouble, well mainly Silvren for that matter.
They played hide and seek and make believe quite often and Estel loved having her as an older sister.
“Because I’m going to visit my grandmother and grandfather. I haven’t seen them in years. “
“Can I come too?” Estel piped up cheerfully.
“No, silly. It’s too dangerous for one your age and it’s may I come, not can I come.” she said looking down at him.
Estel dropped his head as Silvren picked him up and set him on her hip. After a few seconds, he laid his head down on her shoulder and stared out ahead of them as they walked back towards the house.

*The Next Day*

“Yes, Arda?” Silvren asked turning from her brown horse. Asfalas, to face her father. “I want you to be careful, okay ?”
“Yes, Daddy ,” Silvren answered mockingly.
“I mean it, Silvren. Remember what happened to your mother?”
“Yes, I do. I’ll be careful, I promise.”
“Thank you. Now behave when you get there.” Elrond said sternly.
“Yes, Daddy.” Silvren said and hugged him goodbye.
Bending down, Silvren took Estel into her arms and gave him a big hug goodbye. “I’m going to miss you.”
“I’m going to miss you too.” he said quietly.
Before standing up, Silvren gave him a small kiss on the cheek. She stood up and turned around, mounting her horse. Silvren looked at her father one ore time then turned her
horse and followed Glorfindel out the entrance.

“Daro. Man minna hi nore?” Who enters this land? A deep voice came from a tree above.
Glorfindel brought his light brown horse to a stop and answered the voice. “Elves of Rivendell. We come as an escort for Lady Silvren.”
A tall Elf clad in grey clothing jumped out of the tree, landing in front of Glorfindel. “Welcome, Lady Silvren, daughter of Elrond.” the Elf said bowing slightly. Then the Elf turned to face Glorfindel. “I am Haldir, Elf of the Golden Wood. Please follow me. “
They followed Haldir through the woods, up and down small hills, all the way to Caras Galen, where the lord and lady were waiting.

“Arwen!” Silvren cried out joy fully as she jumped off of Asfalas’ back and ran up into her sister’s open arms. “I’ve missed you so much, I thought I’d never see you again.” Silvren whispered in Arwen’s ear.
“Nonsense.” Arwen said pushing her back by the shoulders, looking her up and down. “My how you have grown. Tall and slender, yet still tiny in stature.” Arwen laughed, hugging her sister again.
“Grandmother.” Silvren said turning to Galadriel. “Oh, it has been so long since I last saw you.” Silvren smiled, hugging her tightly.
“Yes it has been long and I assume you are just as much trouble as when you where one hundred ?” Galadriel said with a small smile and a sparkle in her soft, blue eyes.
“As always.” Silvren laughed.
“Grandfather .” Silvren breathed.
“Silvren.” Celeborn said taking her hands into his hands,
warm and gentle as they had been when she was a child. “You have grown so beautiful and will still continue to grow beautiful.” he said placing a hand on her cheek. “So much like your mother, yet so different.” he whispered as if he was in a daze, then came back to reality. “You must be tired, come and we shall show you to your flet so you may rest up before the feast.”

“Silvren, wake up!” Silvren woke up to the sound of someone calling her name and gently shaking her.
“Okay, okay. I’m awake.” Silvren moaned and slowly sat up, stretching her arms high above her head. She watched as Arwen briskly walked over to her wardrobe and pulled open the heavy wooden doors, searching for a suitable dress for Silvren to wear.
“Now let me see.” Arwen muttered to herself, lightly tapping the wooden floor with her foot.
Silvren smiled and slowly pushed back the silky sheets and stepped onto the cool floor. Slowly, she walked over to the wardrobe and joined Arwen.
“What about this one?” Arwen asked Silvren as she pulled out a long, dark purple dress with purple sleeves that split at the elbows and draped towards the ground. Where the fabric split, long gold sleeves came down and towards the wrists.
“It will do.” Silvren answered, touching a gold sleeve with her fingertips.
Arwen turned her back towards Silvren as Silvren slipped into the gorgeous, and surprisingly lightweight dress. Arwen buttoned up the back of the dress as Silvren draped a golden belt, with a red ruby set in the middle of it, around her slender waist, letting it hang down the front of her dress.
“Sit down and I will do your hair for you.”
Silvren gently sat down on a wooden chair in front of her mirrored table and watched as Arwen gently ran a silver brush through her long hair.
Arwen carefully twisted back some of her hair from the front, on both sides, and secured it in the back with a small gold band. Arwen placed some small purple flowers in the twisted part of her hair.
“There, we must hurry or we shall be late!” Arwen exclaimed.
The two of them took off down the winding stairs and all
the way to Caras Galen where the feast was to be held.

As they walked up the twisting stairs to the banquet, the smell of herbs and many other delicious foods tickled their noses. They were greeted merrily by Haldir and Glorfindel and led to a long table where some Elves were already seated.
Many of the Elf-lords present turned their heads and watched as the two maidens passed by, but neither of them paid any attention them.
Arwen and Silvren took their seats by Celeborn and Galadriel, with Haldir and Glorfindel across from them.

The tables were festively decorated with white tablecloths that had silver flowers embroidered onto it, silver dishes, goblets and silverware were set out on the tables before each seat. There were tall white candles surrounded by pink
and white wildflowers in the middle of the tables, small yellow flames flickering from the wicks. Silver lamps that shed a bluish-whitish glow, hung from the boughs of the huge trees.
All the Elves were dressed in elegant garments of silks and velvets, plain but beautiful.
Silvren’s eyes drifted around the table, looking for any
familiar faces. She noticed an Elf sitting at the other end of the table, clad in the green garments of Mirkwood and thought he was quite charming. In fact, she thought he was handsome. He turned his gaze upon her, making her blush and she quickly looked away. Not once did she look back at the Elf, but she could feel his gaze upon her throughout the entire meal.

Legolas and his brothers were staying their last night in Lothlorien before they would continue their trip to Rivendell.
It was early evening and he and his brothers were at the
banquet being held at Caras Galen. They sat at a long table with many other Elves.
Legolas glanced down at the other end of the table and locked eyes with a beautiful Elven-maiden and wanted to meet her at once. But she quickly looked away, too quickly for him. Before he knew it, the meal was over and many of the Elves were either standing around talking or dancing on the dance floor.
Legolas stood up and walked over to his kinsmen, who were standing to the side talking. He stood there and listening to their conversation as his eyes glanced about him, looking for the Elven-maiden he had seen earlier.
Finally, he spotted her standing on the far side of the room, watching the others Elves dance. Slowly, he made his way over towards her, a small smile upon his fair face.
“My lady.” he said quietly as he extended his left hand to
her. “May I have this dance?”
She looked up at him with wide eyes and bewilderment written across her face. “I can’t.” she answered plainly, glancing down at the ground.
“Is something wrong, my lady?” he asked with a puzzled expression.
She shook her head no and ran off through the crowd. Legolas tried to follow her but she disappeared too quickly.

Legolas wandered out onto the balcony that over-looked
the city. Glowing blue lights from the lanterns where spotted here and there. The white stars shone up high in the sky through the silver entwining tree’ branches. He placed his hands on the cool silver railing, breathing in a deep breath of the cool, spring air.
Glancing over to his left, he spotted the maiden sitting on a stone bench with her knees pulled up to her chest, her back facing him. Quietly, he walked over to her, his soft footsteps barely making a sound on the cool, stone floor. Legolas tapped her on the shoulder with his fingertips and immediately she jumped up from the bench and onto her feet.
With a quick glance at him, she turned and started the other way. Legolas grabbed her by her elbow and pulled her around towards him, her head tilted towards the ground so that he could not see her face. “Are you all right?” he asked her, still holding onto her elbow.
When she didn’t answer, Legolas took his hand and placed it under her chin, tilting her face up so he could see it. Staring deep into her eyes, he thought he saw glimpse of the past and someone he knew.
“You look familiar.” he exhaled. “Do I know you?” he inquired with a flustered expression.
The maiden’s eyes grew wide as she shook her head and darted away from him once again. Leaving him baffled and alone.

The next morning, Legolas rose bright and early with the sun, hoping to find the maiden he had seen the night before. Instead, his brother, Telden, found him.
“Legolas? Come, we must be going if we are to reach Rivendell before nightfall tomorrow.” Legolas turned and nodded his head, then the two of them walked down the slope to where the rest of their company was waiting.

“Silvren, is something wrong?” Arwen asked as she entered Silvren’s flet
“No. I was just thinking.”
“Thinking about what?” Arwen asked as she sat down next to her sister on the bed.
“About how growing up can be hard at times.”
“Well, yes it can be, but what makes you say that? ”
“Guys look at me different and I don’t like.” Silvren said wrinkling her nose.
“You’ll appreciate all the attention one day.” Arwen laughed. “Let’s go get some breakfast. “
* * *
“Legolas, greetings, my friend.” Elrond said embracing Legolas. “Your father couldn’t make it again?”
“Nay, he has too much work to do and Míriel is constantly flirting with the Elven-lords.” Legolas answered with a smile. Then something caught his attention from the comer of his eye. A small figure, tightly holding onto Elrond’s robes and peering out from behind him.
“And who is this young fellow? ” Legolas asked kneeling in front of the small boy.
“This is my foster-son, Estel. He’s quite shy like Silvren tends to be.” Elrond said looking down at Estel, placing his hand on Estel’s dark hair. Legolas nodded and stood up, still looking at the small boy, During the rest of their stay, Estel followed Legolas around like a little shadow, mimicking his every move.

Daro= Halt
Man minna hi nore= Who enters this land?

Sorry, my Elvish may be a little off. I did the best i can and hope it’s as close as it should be.


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