A Brother’s Love

by Jan 11, 2005Poetry

Then suddenly he beheld his sister Eowyn as she lay, and he knew her.

“Eowyn!” my heart cries out as I see you,
“Eowyn, how came you here?”
I sink to my knees, gathering you in my arms.
My heart breaks as I rock back and forth,
Holding your limp form.
I throw back my head
And a loud roar of rage and grief bursts from my lungs
While tears stream down my face.

I remember how I promised I would always be there
To protect you–
To keep you from harm.

I trace your white face,
No colour left in your cheeks.
How pain-filled your face looks,
How full of grief–so unlike when you were young.

You were ten…with flowers in your hair
As you raced to greet me
And to tell me of your lessons that day.

“Eowyn,” I cry, my heart going numb.
“What caused you to come here?
What madness or devilry is this?”

My baby sister–
I swore to protect you from everything
That night you had a nightmare.
“Do not worry,” I told you,
“I won’t let anything hurt you.”
You snuggled close to me,
Never fearing because I was there.

I rock back and forth with you.
My forehead against yours as when we were young,
My eyes shut in pain.

Then I raise my head, my face deathly white.
A cold fury rises up in me,
A fey mood comes upon me.

I press my lips against your cold brow,
My tears drop onto your face.
Then I lay you back down
And rise to my feet.

Forgetting all else,
I run towards the battle, shouting,
“Death, death, death! Death take us all!”


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