Return of the King – The many views

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Return of the King
The many views
A review on Return of the King (War of the Ring) with the views of different types of people.

After hearing many different views of many different people of my family and friends, I decided to do a review on the many people who have seen the Return of the King. You may place yourself in one the groups I do, I will not place myself. There are — groups these groups are:

The Fighters:
The fighters are the people who like blood and guts flying over the screen, they would more likely to fast forward through the scenes with Aragorn and Arwen in. They like the fighting by the computer graphics or the stunt men. But, they like the fighting and aren’t really interested in the rest.

The Bookworms:
The bookworms are the ones disappointed in the films (mostly all of us). They would sit and complain of how the films are not like the books (timing for one thing!). They are the real fans of Lord of the Rings.

The Film fans:
The Film fans are the ones who have only seen the film, haven’t read the books and think the films are how it went. Basically, not the true fans of Lord of the rings, they say “Oh, it happened like that! That’s how Tolkien wrote it!” (If that’s you get off this web site!)

The Confused fans:
More or less the people who said “The books are too hard” etc… In other words, not reading the books (I’m not saying that you think they’re too hard”. Then see the trailers for the films and say “Oh that looks cool! Let’s go see!” They see them, all three. Then read the books, because they’re interested. Then they see the difference and stay a bit confused and ask their LOTR nuts friends until they understand what PJ has done.

The Complainers:
I have to say I’m a very big one! All of us may be, complaining about two things; there are two types of Complainers.

The Book/Films Complainers:
The people saying “They left out Glorfindel!” etc…….. Loads of examples, I won’t go through them, basically the people who say “In the books……” Most of us this! We all have different ways so of us understand, if PJ did it how Tolkien did, the films would be 9 hours long each! Still some mention the fact that Sam lives in Bag End. And most importantly that Frodo did not push Gollum in!

The “What happened there?” Complainers:
I am believed by my friends to be the nuttiest one at this! I shall go through these as you can watch the films later and say “Oh, yeah I see it now.” Or “I already know that!” Either way, it’ll be new to some people.
When Boromir died, when the first arrow goes in, you can see a hole in his jacket, or it’s easier to see when the second has gone in. But, it’s where the third arrow goes.
When Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are searching for Merry and Pippin, they meet the Riders of Rohan. Then they ride to the burning pile of orc bodies. Aragorn does a tracking thing, and there are flash backs to what happens to them. You see Pippin crawling along, then the orc that was about to eat him, with his hands tied up. Then the horse was about to stand on him, his arms go to the opposite sides, not tied up. Then he roles over, crawling with his hands tied up!
When Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli were in Fangorn, you see Legolas’ leaf brooch facing one way. Then Aragorn says something, then back to Legolas. His brooch has switch sides!
Near, the end when Aragorn and the rest of Rohan and Gondor go to Mordor to battle. They all ride on horses. Then there’s a scene with Frodo and Sam. Then back to Aragorn’s lot and they’re off their horses! Where did they go?

The Softies:
These are the people with a heart, and are on the edge of tears most of the time through the last film. They love the fact that Sam is such a good friend, going to the end of the world for Frodo. The speech that Sam and Frodo do on the edge of Mount Doom is so sweet. The fact that Sam carries Frodo up the mountain is worth the cry. And, just thinking about it wants to make them cry, or just saying the line “Strawberries and creams” and then finishing what Frodo says.
They also may cry when Pippin sings, to Denathor, and that Denathor sent his son out to die without caring, and that the music of it, without the words wants to make them cry.
But, will also cry when Frodo goes into the west, and the song “Into the west” will make them cry.

The Non-Softies:
These are the people who have a heart (if it’s you), but aren’t soft enough to cry half way through. More of these are fighters or part of enough group. A few of my friends are these, they laughed when Sam carried Frodo up the mountain, and then Frodo gave in. Saying “He worked so hard and it was Frodo who gave in.” etc… Not very nice, I know.

The “I think they’re fit!” People:
The people who go on with who ever they fancy and won’t stop, and may have only seen it because they think they’re cute.


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