Midnight Hour

by Aug 13, 2004Poetry

Tick Tock the midnight hour loomed
darkness and shadow filled my room
tossing and turning in my bed
menacing visions crept into my head.
I found myself quickly swept
into a mysterious place
caught in my own dream
my mind playing tricks.

I looked to the moon
its face gloomy and sad
dark clouds masking its shine
robbing it of its grace.
The stars lost in darkness
of the dreary sky
saddened and lonely
as a lovers broken heart.

The wind roared like a ghost
haunting and cold
as it played in my hair
its fingers ancient and old.
Then I spotted you in the darkness
laying your head to the ground
wondering which way to go
silently listening for sounds.

I called to you over and over
but to no avail
your ears deaf to my call
why I could not tell.
I followed as you walked
your dark hair whipping around
its long strands brushing your neck
I watched jealous of its soft touch.

Then dark clouds looming opened
sending rain beating down
blinding, drenching
relentlessly falling all around.
You started to run
following an unknown trail
as if death was giving chase
grabbing at your heels.

Closer ever closer
came the feeling of dread
frightened I called your name
you were so far ahead.
Then a thunderous screech echoed
as a shape tore through the clouds
sharp talons reached for you
evil creatures had come a calling
to claim your heart your life too.

“Be gone you will not take me!”
you shouted then drew your sword
you fought back with all your might
but they had already taken hold.
Knocked to the ground
you lay bleeding
your body broken but not beat
as long as blood runs through it
you will not admit defeat.

Thunder rumbled shaking the earth
calling the lightning down
it seemed to cheer for the evil souls
as it lit up the sky.
“Estel! Estel!” I ran to you
my lap beheld your head
as troubled breath you drew
know this my beloved
I will always love you.

As I rocked you gently
like a leaf blowing in the breeze
floating spinning helplessly
on its way up to heaven.
Tears wet my eyes
as I trembled in the cold
stay with me I pleaded
it is not your time to go.

As evil circled high above
I heard its piercing cry
death swarming
without warning
swooping from the sky.
“If you want me come and take me!”
I bravely taunted death
as I took up Anduril
your strength I still could feel
coursing through the steel.

Blood pumping
heart jumping
I brought your sword around
with your spirit in me
revenge I claim as mine.
The meeting of flesh and blade
I heard the howling of evils pain
sending him back to his dark domain.

I sat up with a start
dawns light dancing in my room
breathing heavy
hands unsteady
familiar walls
then my name you call.

With your arms you took me in
and calmed my racing heart
with your soft consoling whispers
you chased away the darkness
the darkness of the Midnight hour.


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