Mystery Girl – Prologue

by Jul 30, 2004Stories

Haldir wandered around Lothlorien wondering if and when he was supposed to meet the ‘guest’ that Lady Galadriel was expecting.
“Haldir, you and your brothers should be expecting some strangers.” She had told them.
He couldn’t argue at that. She was always seeing diffrent things in her mirror. He hadn’t looked in the mirror and he didn’t plan to.
As he walked he saw his youngest brother Orophin walking with another women.
He walked to them.
“Orophin, who is this?” He asked kindly.
“This is Kairan. She is new to the realm.” He said.
“Oh, okay.” He walked way.
I wonder what happened to Siven. I know they were engaged but…
Haldir went to sit down.
“You have met the strange visitor of whom I speak.” Galadriel said.
“She was it?” Haldir said.
Galadriel nodded.


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