The Lady Who Wanders the Night – Arwen’s untold journey

by Jul 6, 2004Poetry

When her lover passed, her course was set.
She would be the last of her kind.
She would have to lay to rest her own child.
Nothing seemed right to her anymore,
All she would do is to linger until the years of her life are utterly spent.
No more was to be heard of Arwen Undominal,
The evenstar of her people.
The light of her time would have passed along time ago with her love,
Along with all that she had ever cherished.
Her hands run cold, the spirit is gone,
She was the second of her kind
To fall in love with a mortal.
This mortal would be a man,
And this man would be a king.
But being that he was mortal,
Of that king he did die.
And now she is left to wander the night
Under the trees that once lived.
But she wanders the night
Hoping that she would die-
Knowing that her fate was sealed.


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