Walking in the Woods – Chapter 1

by Jun 5, 2004Stories

She stopped right in her tracks. She was breathing so hard you could hear her from a mile away. After all that running from the orcs, she had to stop and take a breath.
“Sam!” she whispered, “are you there?”
“Yes.” He replied, “and ready to find a better hiding spot! This tree won’t hide us from the orcs!”
“I know. I just had to take a break or I would have fallen down dead.” She took a deep breath. “Okay, I’m ready to go now.”
They ran off into the darkness with the faint sound of orcs off in the distance.
“Sam?” No one answered. “Sam! Hello?” Still no one answered. She turned around and ran back to the bridge they just passed. “Oh No!” She cried.
She heard a moan not too far off, and then an orc call. She looked around to make sure there weren’t any orcs near her. ‘I’ll have to leave without him. But then, I can’t! He’s my brother. My only friend! Especially now. I must go after him!’ She said to herself. At first she hesitated. Then she remembered Sam and she took off without giving it another thought.
She ran for awile, maybe 2 or 3 hours and stopped every now and then for a breath. She still heard that moan and that orc call. She was still scared. But despite her fear, she kept going. And going. Until….
“L’Oreal!” called Sam
She turned around after she heard her name, but there was no one there. She felt for her sword, and after she had it in hand, she continued looking for Sam. ‘ I know it was him! I have no doubt in my mind. But where could he be?!’ she thoght. Soon she heard her name again.
“L’Oreal!’ called Sam. After her name was called, she heard the sound of someone putting their hand over another person’s mouth. She could tell he was close by.
“There you are Sam!!” she said when she saw him in the bushes. Someone was covering his mouth, and she expected it to be an orc. She raised her sword, about to drive it into the stomach of the orc, when it said something.
She looked up. “Strider?”


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