Aragron and the Palantir – Part 1

by May 18, 2004Stories

“Omen i-Estel Edain, u-chebin estel anim…” The voice grew louder. “Omen i-Estel Edain, u-chebin estel anim…” Now he could see her face, her ever-mourning face. “Omen i-Estel Edain, u-chebin estel anim.” He saw her face, her face too sad for tears. “My estel, my prize, remember me…” The years painfully came back. The old scars bled new blood.
Then he heard laughing. The deep scornful laughing that can master elf, man, or beast. This was his challenge. Could he withstand it?
“How now king of men. Ellesar leader of the courageous Dunedain,” the blazing eye said scornfully. “Destroyer of the tall Saruman. You mock me Longshanks if you thank it to be a grievous blow. Saruman was my puppet, my Spaniel. Have not you been to Angmar? Have not you and your company run from my army when I was weak.” Aragorn was transfixed on the blazing eye.
“Long ago your people named you Estel, hope, but what hope have you given them? You have led them to a miserable life of non-stop travel. You have them fleeing from the smallest of my servants.”
“Were not you there at Khazad-Dum? Fool, do not you realize that even after all these years Melkor is still the greatest force in Middle-earth? Did not your fathers’ folk flee from me? The White One cannot save you from me worm! Quake at the sight of my armies! They will devour you!” With those harsh words from Morgoth’s greatest servant’s vile tongue the stone changed from a picture of the blazing eye to a picture of columns and columns of orcs marching.
“That was but a taste of my glory. Wait till your children’s magician meets my champion. He will break him!” After those cruel words Aragorn pulled himself from the stone. With tears in his eyes remembering the sad death of his mother he tried to rest. He needed rest before he showed himself, and Anduril, to the Dark Lord.


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