The Theives’ Ring – Chapter Four

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Telden and Legolas were there to greet Selira when she returned.
The minute Selira took off her ring, Dallon pulled his hand from hers in disgust.
“I’m assuming I’m going to get an explanation,” he said, eyebrows raised.
“I just saved your life,” Selira was sticky-sweet with charm. She batted her eyelashes. “I guess that makes you indebted to me.”
Dallon scoffed,” Not in a thousand years. You can hold nothing against me, and I will not pay debt to a lowly, beggar-like–“
Selira lunged for Dallon, but Telden caught her from behind.
“Let me go! I’ll kill him!” Selira struggled in his grip, but eventually stopped. Dallon was still staring at her haughtily.
“You two are old friends?” Legolas asked, sarcasm apparent in his voice. Two sets of mortal eyes rolled. Telden sighed.
“We do you owe you an explanation…uh…what is you name?”
“It’s Dallon.” Selira spat venomously, and wrenched herself out of Telden’s grip.
“Perhaps it’s not common knowledge, but I do know my own name, princess.” Dallon growled, his voice icy. Selira glared daggers in his direction.
“You two are going to get along, at least for the moment,” Legolas commanded. To Telden he added,” I had forgotten how annoying mortals can be.” Telden grinned.
“We have a few questions we’ll need you to answer, Dallon.” Telden rummaged through a pouch on his belt and drew out yet another ring–a simply made diamond ring. He put it on. “Sit down, we’ll be here awhile.”
Legolas sat himself between Selira and Dallon in hopes that he might prevent at least one argument.
“How old are you, Dallon?” Telden asked.
“–That’s not true!” Selira cut in. “He’s only eighteen.”
Instead of asking Dallon whether or not he had told the truth, Telden moved on to the next question.
“Why were you in the forest?”
“I was trying to leave Mithlond.”
“There’s a high price on my head right now, and a jail cell reserved `specially for me.”
“I’m a thief.” Dallon paused. “So is she.” He pointed at Selira, who rolled her eyes, the picture of arrogance.
“They already know.”
As Telden continued his interrogation, Selira leaned over to Legolas. “How does Telden know if he’s telling the truth?”
“Diamonds never lie, Selira. Diamonds never lie,” Legolas chuckled. He motioned towards Telden’s ring–the diamond one, which happened to be pulsing lightly. Selira shook her head.
“I should have known.” She turned her attention to the questioning again. The next question surprised her.
“Where did you meet Selira?” Telden wanted to know.
Dallon faltered. He looked over at her. “In a theives’ ring.”
“Selira no longer seems to be in such a group. Why?”
“I ordered her out.”
“Because–because she would not do what I asked.”
“What did you ask of her?”
“He wanted me to be armed, and I will not hold a weapon against a defenseless victim,” Selira said firmly.
“I told you before, that is not what would have had you do.” Dallon insisted.
“I care not for what you say. It falls on deaf ears.” Selira crossed her arms,” Go back to your little thief ring of idiots, Dallon.”
“I cannot. They would turn me in.”
All traces of anger left Selira’s face; her already pale skin blanched. “But–they can’t! It’s against the Code!”
“They care not for the Code. They’ve taken a new leader.”
“Theril.” There was no question in Selira’s voice. “He’s no thief. He’s a murderer.”
“And I am on his list of enemies, just as you are.”
“I know it well.” Selira looked to Telden and Legolas. “I have no love for murderers and I make them know to the jailers.”
“I would give them the whereabouts of our gang if they would not throw me in the jail with them.” Dallon added earnestly, a slight smile now showing.
Selira grinned and fiddled with her ring. She absent-mindedly slid it back onto her finger, then off again. Dallon jumped.
“Umm…wasn’t I supposed to get an explanation?” he said, eyeing Selira’s ring with newfound curiosity.
Everyone else sighed. “We’re going to be in Mithlond until the Fourth Age!” Legolas moaned.
* * *


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