Lament for Lóthlorien

by Feb 16, 2004Poetry

Ai, Lórien, Lothlórien!
Far in this haven, leafy lined,
Our full hearts to birdsong harken
While peace sleeps still amid the froth
Of niphredil, her scent entwined
E’er soothing round leaves so golden;
For here does peace reign without wrath.

Here lies not the shadow darkening!
Here lies not the sorrow of death!
Nigh to Nimrodel is lying
Elven-fair, the tall mallorn trees.
The golden leaves on wind’s light breath
lighted with sun lie shimmering.
And high above, the Remmirath,
watch o’er the gilded, drifting leaves.

And through the crystal waters cold
the white waterfalls encrowned;
Elves remember when they ran bold
with splashing of feet and laughing.
Amid the fluttering gold they’d bound
Ai! memories the Elves still hold
Of when throughout the trees they found
the soft firefly stars entwining.

Come float with the birdsong twilight!
While gently spreads the setting sun
Her falling boughs of golden light
on the coverlet of soft leaves.
Misty twilit night has come,
But burnished gold still fills our sight.
But the time of Elves is now done,
Mallorn’s have died, the earth’s in night.

The golden fall of Lórien
the flower encircling Elven-dreams,
The protective branches have fallen,
The stars keep watch no more.
Now gone the dream flow’r, for it seems,
Elven-kind departed. Harken
No longer, for earth no more teems
With Elf-song; empty lies Ennor.

Ai Lórien, Lothlórien!
The golden heart of all our hearts,
the fairest and purest maiden!
Why did you leave, vanimelda?
Leave us in sorrow and depart?
Where now are the leaves so golden?
Return to us, refill our hearts,
Ai Lórien, vanimelda!


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