Down the Dark Road – Sonnet sequence between Sam and Frodo

by Feb 3, 2004Poetry

Down the Dark Road

I Frodo
Hear the shriek of the great storm brewing
it whirls around to kiss our land.
Hope is fading, for the Dark is rising
Shadows ride to claim the power in my hand
And though I’m weary, they keep chasing.
My friends are torn away like ocean sand.
Nobody now to stop me descending
into despair, captive of a castle grand.
Here in gutted land, my journeys end, I lie
Beyond all towers and stars buried deep.
Yet, though alone in deep cavern I die
with my poisoned body inviting sleep.
I shall never bid day nor hope farewell,
For friends shall come to chase the hounds of hell.

II Sam
White light glimmers in the darkest hour
A sight unseen in this black land, my light
to blind the watchers of the tower.
Dash inside the castle look at the height,
against those who took my friend never cower.
Let them believe I’m a tall strong knight
And charge so my victory will not sour.
Further in, pierce the gloom with hopeful sight,
hide away as the dark pours in, and send
a prayer to the Star-Kindler high above.
High a top the tower and a dead end,
Torch gutters out, and all I have is love.
Away to fair lands of home I sing,
Away from this blackness my mind does wing.

They come, and I discover my friend,
Hidden above my head all this long time.
Long whip flailing, striking enough to send
Fiery anger into my mind and I climb
the ladder to bring the whip to an end.
Find him naked in a corner, a crime
That fills the mind. To him my cloak I lend,
For the whip weal is covered in bloody slime.
Hold him close, never to be parted?
Yet, I must find something to clothe him below
Scavenge those who did harm, and get started
To the end of our quest now may hope grow.
Travel through a labyrinth of passages
To a fiery realm untouched in ages.

IV Frodo
On and on down a forever winding road
The air full of suffocating hazy ash
But that is nothing compared to my load.
A little farther, then rest among the trash,
Each night a scramble to a new abode,
And horrible nightmares through my mind flash.
Close to our goal, and my will does erode
from the constant pressure of my soul’s clash.
My friend, save me from my temptation,
Just as you ended my last crucial test
Weighed down, I cannot reach the last station,
But cannot give you the load and rest.
Up the mountain, out of love, you carry me,
No matter my choice, together we’ll be.


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