Chapter 2 – . An old acquaintance

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” Who’s there?” Aragorn asked turning to look at the tree that the voice was coming from.
” I do not believe that I know you, sir,” said the voice. It was obviously a very polite voice.
There was a slight rustling of leaves then a tall slender figure appeared at the bottom of the tree trunk. She had long jet-black hair and emerald green eyes that sparkled slightly.
” It can not be,” said Legolas faintly. The girl looked up and smiled.
” I assure you it can,” she said.
” Lessian?” Legolas asked in disbelief.
” Hello Legolas,” she said happily. She ran up to Legolas and gave him a huge hug. He spun her around then put her back down.
“I cannot believe it is you,” said Legolas still in shock. Aragorn cleared his throat to get noticed. Legolas looked at him, as though he forgot Aragorn was even still standing there.
” Oh, I am terribly sorry Aragorn, Lessian this is Aragorn king of Gondor,” Legolas introduced. Lessian bowed.
” You are welcome here,” said Aragorn bowing too.
” Thank you,” Lessian said politely standing back up.
” Aragorn?” Arwen’s voice came from in the door. Aragorn called to her that he was outside with Legolas and his friend, so Arwen came out to meet Lessian.
” Arwen this is Legolas’s friend Lessi….,” Aragorn broke off. The reason was obvious Lessian was not there any longer. She had disappeared.
” Lessian!” Legolas called out. There was no answer from Lessian.
Meanwhile in a very nearby forest where Lessian was busy climbing a tree. When she reached the top there was another elf waiting up the top for her.
” Hello Tarian,” She said to the elf.
” So you found him?” Tarian asked.
” Yes, I found him,” Lessian said bowing her head. Tarian sighed.
” I am so sorry that you were sent to do this I have no idea how hard this must be on you,” He said sympathetically.
” I must do as I am ordered for I do serve Lord Elrond,” She said quietly.
” I must confess I do wonder why he sent you to find Legolas in the castle when the Lord himself has a daughter who would know where he would be anyway,” He said concentrating.
” Well maybe it was not just to check on the Prince,” Lessian said gloomily.
” What could you possibly mean?”
” I Think Lord Elrond wanted to see how strong I was,” She answered.
” I am surprised how well you seem to have taken your meeting with Legolas,” Tarian admitted.
” I had to, I could not lose my temper then,” she said lowering her head.
” Forgive my questioning, but why could you not?” Tarian asked.
” Because I can not yell at the Prince of Mirkwood, by heart I am still under the laws and ways of Mirkwood,” she said staring upwards at the setting sun. She turned and walked away.
” Where are you going?” Tarain called out.
” Somewhere,” she called back then disappeared.
” I do wonder what will happen to an elf sure of spirit but lost in heart,” Tarain said to himself before walking away as well. Little did he know just how much more lost she would become.


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