The Undying Lands – the enemy (part 23)

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As Ariengil and Harma turned to the newfound elves to talk to them, Ariengil saw that Thaliondil was talking to Nárfin. Ariengil hurried over in case Thaliondil was going to be mean again to Nárfin, but she stopped about two metres away as she realised that Thaliondil was actually complimenting Nárfin.
`You were very brave out there, Nárfin,’ murmured Thaliondil.
`Thank you, I was very scared, but tried not to show it. I was looking for you- you were hit, weren’t you?’ asked Nárfin, anxiously.
`It was just a knock to the head, nothing serious.’
`Let me see,’ said Nárfin quickly, but Thaliondil backed away.
`No, no, I’m perfectly alright.’ But Nárfin protested.
`You are cut- let me help.’ Each step that Thaliondil took backwards, Nárfin took forwards until Thaliondil was against a tree and had nowhere to hide. He continued to complain, though, as Nárfin reached up her hands to touch the cut on Thaliondil’s hands.
Thaliondil, in one, quick movement, grabbed hold of Nárfin’s hands, twisted his over so that Nárfin had to as well, but he kept turning her so that eventually she had to twist around completely, with her back to Thaliondil, so that she was not hurt.
Ariengil found this very funny to watch, as Nárfin squealed and squirmed to be released. Thaliondil now took Nárfin’s hands gently and put them at her waist and placed them on her hips so that they were crossed over. He then kicked Nárfin’s feet forward slightly so that she was relying on Thaliondil to support her although she was not about to fall over at all.
Still giggling, Nárfin leant backwards ever so slightly, guided by Thaliondil, and leant on his chest. Thaliondil leant his head down a little, to where Nárfin had been cut earlier, and he kissed away the blood gently.
Nárfin gave a little shiver of delight and looked upwards at the man she loved. *What is he doing?* she asked herself, *He dislikes me.* And her thoughts did not change even as Thaliondil leant down and kissed Nárfin’s lips softly. She had never dreamt of such an amazing first kiss, his lips were warm and soft, but she did not understand him- he had hated her up until today, why change now?
Slowly Thaliondil lifted Nárfin’s hands above her head and turned her to face him. Nárfin looked up into his light brown eyes and lost herself in them, but sad thoughts were still in her head, *What is he doing? Is he doing this to annoy me, to torture me?*
Ariengil had, by now, returned to Harma and did not see what happened next. Nárfin pushed Thaliondil backwards quite roughly and slapped his face with tears in her eyes. `Why are you doing this? You are pretending that you love me, aren’t you?’ she sobbed.
As Nárfin turned away, Thaliondil grabbed her arm and pulled her back to face him. `No! I would not do that. I have seen where I went wrong- I let my heart be guided the wrong way- I love you now. Let me love you, don’t leave me.’ Nárfin’s love for Thaliondil was so great, but she was sure that he was lying for, as she turned around once more, she saw him look towards his sister and smile.
Crying and sobbing, she ran into the forest, away from everyone else.
Ariengil, now with Harma again, placed one hand on Harma’s shoulder and Harma took her left hand in his right hand as they talked to the new elves. Harma had asked many questions and related what he had been told to Ariengil briefly and sadly. `They were found alone and hungry, deserted by their commander, by an elf who went by the name of Tarma. He fed them and helped them by letting them stay in the forest where he lived. Tarma was the only elf that they saw, but he said there were more living with him, but they stayed for too long, kept there seemingly by a spell.
`Gradually their skin became grey and he tortured them until they were his perfect creation- Harschnaks. He sent out this army to search and destroy all fighters, but do as they wished with others.’ At this, Harma shuddered and looked thankfully at Ariengil, glad that she was there. She squeezed his hand comfortingly as he carried on.
`They found out that their new master was actually called Bruminor the Black by friends and servants. He was once an elf, but his goodwill has faded and he has become haunted by the fact that he is not as good as others, namely his brother.
`Therefore, Bruminor has tried to become the best by killing others in his path. He wishes to kill all good in this Middle Earth.’ Harma said this with darkness in his voice, for he hated all that was evil, but Ariengil was sure that there was more to Harma than he let on, for the moment.
`Who is his brother?’ asked Ariengil with bated breath.
Harma replied with one deep, dark word. `Me.’


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