Elven Ranger – Chapter 15 – Quetë!

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Eleniel could feel the warm sun shining on her face and a comfortable bed supporting her body, there was a soft hand stroking her own and a sweet voice filled the room with song. Eleniel did not open her eyes or speak she just listened. Eleniel’s head was pounding, it hurt like nothing she had felt before and her shoulder wasn’t much better either. The singing helped, it was beautiful and powerful. Eleniel began to drift into sleep, but the singing stopped, “Stay awake, stay with us. Do not drift back into the darkness.”

Eleniel focused and their sat a radiant Lady Galadriel before her. The Lady smiled kindly down at her. “It is good to see you are conscious Eleniel.” Said Galadriel, “It has been many days since you arrived here, and then many days before that since you were injured.” Eleniel didn’t speak. “You can sleep now if you so wish.” Galadriel said softly and left the room.

Eleniel didn’t particularly want to close her eyes again, when she was under the grip of the poison her dreams were dark and now Galadriel had gone they came flooding back to her. So many things she saw on the back of her eyelids, all was dark. Eleniel saw familiar faces that she loved but it all ended up turning to ruin, and the faces of the dead elves and men at helm’s deep frequently plagued her thoughts.

Silent tears slid down Eleniel’s cheeks, she sat up slowly and placed her feet on the floor. The next thing was to stand up, she was weak; Eleniel scowled. She was never weak, this can’t happen. A hand was then placed under her right arm and they lifted her up onto her feet. Eleniel looked up to see Haldir. She looked away, he saw her tears – that was the last thing she wanted anyone to see.

Eleniel closed her eyes for a moment then nodded to Haldir; she walked forward by herself and sat in a chair by the window. “Galadriel thought you might like some company. She said you would not sleep.” Eleniel turned and smiled at Haldir, but said nothing. He walked over and sat in another chair. “How do u feel?” He asked; Eleniel did a little gesture of the hand that meant alright. Haldir guessed she was not going to speak, so he took the task upon himself. He began to tell her all that was happening in the wood, and she looked content to sit there and listen, smiling and giving a little nod in different places. Haldir talked for a while, “You would be hungry, I will go and get you some food… Would you like that?” he asked. She smiled and slowly nodded her head.

Haldir looked at her for a second. `Why wont she speak!?’ He was a little frustrated, but he kept his glance cool and collected and showed no outward worry on this subject. Haldir left the room and went to find Lady Galadriel before getting Eleniel’s food, he walked down a hall and the Lady appeared before him.

Haldir gave Lady Galadriel a small bow, “As you said Lady she isn’t speaking, I did not make an obvious attempt to make her speak… But I gave her opportunities to speak and she did not take them.”

Galadriel sighed, “She is healing well in body, but in mind she is not doing so well I fear. The poison was very harmful; her dreams were dark, as you know.” Haldir closed his eyes and nodded. “The things she said on the way here, I only repeated them to you because you asked it of me… otherwise, I do not know. They were terrible. It must have been so, I do not know… It must have been agony for her.” Haldir shook his head. Galadriel laid a hand on Haldir’s shoulder, “She will be alright, it is just going to be hard for her that’s all. Would you go and find Vénie, and ask her to bring food to Eleniel?” Haldir nodded and went and found Vénie and asked her to do what Galadriel had requested.

“Lady Eleniel?” There came a voice from the door, Eleniel slowly turned in her seat to look at the young maiden. Eleniel smiled and beckoned her in. Vénie sat the food down on a table, Eleniel smiled and gave her a little nod meaning thank you, Vénie then returned the smile and left the room.

Eleniel looked at the food on the table next to her; she picked up a small bit of bread and ate it. She then took a sip of the water set there for her; Eleniel remembered being given water when everything was dark, when it felt like the poison was taking over. It was the only thing that felt clean that whole time. Then suddenly it seemed that her mind was opened up to more of what had happened in the darkness and it felt like a great weight was placed upon her body and she hunched over with her head between her knees and she breathed heavily.

The things that played across her mind were monstrous, `How could such things ever come into my head. I could never being to imagine such horror… until now. He has done so much destruction. But he cannot survive, that is the only good thing’ What if she had spoken something of these things in the dark days of poison. She shuddered involuntarily at the thought of it.

Eleniel sat up straight again and rested her head against the chair. Her breathing was still a little irregular; she ate and drank a little more wondering what it was exactly that she knew. These dreadful images had no meaning or continuity. Eleniel tried to work out some scenes, but then she shivered and tried no more and pushed the thoughts away as well as she could and thought about loved ones, Lina came to her mind most of all and she smiled.


Eleniel stayed in her room and rested for the next couple of days, Vénie brought her food each day and talked to her for a little while each time she came, not expecting Eleniel to talk back. For this Eleniel was grateful. Eleniel knew it seemed strange that she didn’t speak, and that it wasn’t good for her, but she wasn’t sure why she didn’t speak. Maybe it was just that she was afraid of what would come out of her she did; Eleniel didn’t like the things that she knew at the moment.

Eleniel left her room one evening; she had decided to go for a walk. Eleniel walked through the gardens it was a beautiful night, she didn’t need her sling anymore, as and elf she had healed quickly, her arm was still a little stiff and sore though. Suddenly Eleniel was aware of someone else; she turned around and saw Galadriel. Eleniel gave her a nod and followed her down into a private glade.

“You want to know why I brought you here.” Galadriel said. “I see that your mind is crowded and cluttered and things are everywhere and it is hard for you to sort it all out. Here in my private garden is this basin,” Galadriel poured water into the basin and breathed upon the water. “Look in if you will, and I hope it can give light to you in your darkness.” Galadriel stepped back and sat on a bench nearby.

Eleniel stepped forward and peered into the dark water, stars twinkled and then shapes appeared… they were bodies. Eleniel gasped, it was a scene from her dreams. There were bodies of men lying upon the ground, they had no clothes, and orcs were sitting about them laughing. The men were dead and the orcs were carving symbols into the men’s chests, the Eye. Eleniel trembled, but she did not take her eyes from the basin.

The scene changed and there were a pair of dark, beautiful eyes, but she did not know them. Yes, they were beautiful, but they held something disturbing within them, powerful and evil. The eyes were taken from Eleniel’s view and the scene was now of Imladris; home.

A King and Queen rode down into the valley with a group of their people, it was Elessar and Arwen. They came to the Last Homely House, there Elladan, Elrohir and Eleniel greeted them warmly. Queen Arwen’s ladies were introduced to the lords of Imladris and Eleniel in turn and then the last was a golden haired young maiden, she was stunningly beautiful. Eleniel gasped, it was Lina, ‘Ah! Lina, yes I was right she will be most beautiful.’

Eleniel was then shown many of her friends and loved ones fates within Galadriel’s mirror that night and some disturbed her, some made her smile, and some made tears run down her cheeks but I will not tell you them here. You will find out all in good time.

The images then faded, Eleniel looked up at Galadriel. “You have seen many things, more than I could ever imagine. I understand many things in which you saw, but there were other thoughts within that basin tonight that only you could understand and were withheld from my mind.”



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