Creature Unknown – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: 2 Depart

” why did you not tell us?” asked Faramir.
” well I thought that if you knew that we had nearly killed a mad man and his creation you may get a little worried” said Legolas. Aragorn gave a small giggle.
” I guess you have a point there elf” said Gimli.
” but I wander how we can slay these Thainra’s as you call them when two of our warriors are the main targets of their master” said Eomer flatly.
” it can’t be done” said Aragorn.
” Aragorn and I must leave” said Legolas. Aragorn sadly nodded.
” well then we are going with you” said Faramir.
” you cant” said Legolas ” not now Rohan needs your help”.

It was decided that the next morning Legolas and Aragorn would depart Rohan and try to lure Frantra to follow them. ” are you both insane” yelled Gimli when this was decided. ” if he gets the chance he will kill you both”.
” we know that Gimli” said Aragorn. ” and we have to risk that to get him away from Rohan before he can do anything else”.
So that morning Legolas and Aragorn were saddled and ready to leave. They said goodbye to Eomer, Gimli and Faramir. Then they were off.

” I hate to ask but how will we know if he is following” asked Legolas. But Aragorn did not have time to answer as he was knocked off of his horse ” when something like that happens” he said as Legolas helped him up. ” well it was your turn I have had mine” Legolas said smiling as he got back on his horse.
” that must mean he is around” Aragorn said climbing onto his horse.
” are you talking about me?” Frantra suddenly popped out in front of Legolas’s horse. It reared up Legolas held on superbly and whispered something in elvish in his horses’ ear to calm him down.
” yes we were” said Aragorn.
” I am flattered” he said. ” and might I ask why you two are leaving?”
” because we are a danger in Rohan” Aragorn answered.
” poor man” Frantra put on a fake sympathetic voice.
” I do hate to be rude but is there anything you want Frantra?” Aragorn asked impatiently.
” well yes actually” he said stepping closer to Aragorn. “I was hoping to repay you both as I promised in the palace” he said with a smug smile on his face.
” how about another time we are a little busy right now” said Legolas.
Frantra wheeled round to see Legolas off of his horse and standing beside it.
” oh, I thought I had taken care of you by scaring your horse” Frantra sounded genuinely surprised to see Legolas there.
” close but no” said Legolas his voice calm.
Aragorn smiled behind Frantra’s back for he to did not see what happened to Legolas.
” well this will be a challenge” Frantra said smiling. ” lets see I have a human on a horse and an elf on foot with a horse,”
“one of them tried to kill my creations and the other tried to kill me” he said pointing at both of them as he went. ” which should i kill first?” he asked himself.
” the one that tried to kill you” said Legolas.
Frantra looked at him in surprise ” what?” he asked
” what?” Aragorn cried.
” i said kill the one who tried to kill you” he said calmly ” i f i tried to kill you should you not try to kill me first?”
” you have a point there elf” said Frantra ” ok i will kill you first”
Frantra raised his hand to do the same thing he did last time. Legolas has ready he ducked behind a tree. So Frantra missed him and Legolas fitted an arrow into his bow and aimed it, but before he could release it he felt as though a boulder was thrown at him. He was knocked off of his feet. He manage to pull himself but he seriously winded. Aragorn prepared to ride over to him. Legolas saw this and signalled to him to leave before Frantra saw. Aragorn did not move but then he realized he had to get help so off he rode. Legolas was left to face Frantra. He had not noticed Aragorn leave. ” you fight well Legolas” he said walking up to Legolas who had gotten some of his breath back. ” as do you” he admitted.
” well i do have magic as an advantage” he told Legolas.
” i guess you have caught me without one” Legolas stood up straight to face Frantra.
” your stance is so proud Legolas” said Frantra still walking toward him ” anyone would think you were a Prince.
Legolas smiled faintly ” i am the Prince of Mirkwood”.
Frantra stopped in surprise ” oh, hows that for a guess then?”
Frantra gave a small bow as he reached Legolas ” well sir if you mind i am going to kill you now”
” do not play with me Frantra” said Legolas his voice sturdy. ” how can you be so sure that you will kill me?”
” well you have no chance against me” he said.
” are you sure now?” Legolas asked. A smile slowly spread across his face.
” why are you smiling elf?” Frantra asked suspiciusly.
” behind you” said Legolas coolly.
Frantra turned around to see Aragorn and about 15 elven archers.
” hello Legolas” said Aragorn happily.
Legolas waved back tring hard not to laugh at the look of amazedment on Frantra’s face.
” now i will ask you again” said Legolas ” are you sure you are going to kill me Frantra?”
Frantra truned back to Legolas ” mark my words i will get you” then he turned to Aragorn ” and
you aswell”. Frantra dissapeaed again.
” Well done Aragorn” laughed Legolas.
” i found my help in the forrest on my way back to Rohan” said Aragorn grinning.


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