Welcome to my own little corner of the world… – Well since we’re talking Tolkien…I ought to call it Middle Earth…Right????

by Apr 25, 2003Coralie's Corner

Frodo Writing In Bag EndFrodo Writing In Bag End

Welcome one and all to my own little corner….

Coralie’s Corner to be precise.

Yessssssss Preciousssss TORCIESSSSSSS,

This is LadyCoralie here, the one and the same who publishes An Aussie in King Aragorn’s Court! I would like to introduce myself to you all, as the new Administrator of  The Reading Room. Today, also happens to be my Birthday! Alas, I cannot share it with those most venerable Hobbits, Bilbo and Frodo, but I can share it with you. Now, if I could only round up Gandalf with some of his spectacular fireworks…….

First of all, I think we should congratulate Jonathon and co, on the wonderful job they have done in revamping this site, and I hope you all enjoy visiting this room to not only read the wonderful writings, but also to publish something of your own here, as much as I do myself. As you can see, I have been given my very own little corner here, and I’m still trying to work out if that is because I have been a naughty girl, and sent to sit in the corner to think over the error of my ways or not! Somehow though, I suspect, that is not the case. 😀

But seriously folks, this is where I will be posting my various musings regarding writing and The Reading Room, and such. I suppose that one of the first duties I’m expected to fulfill, is to give you all some advice on how to write a good tale, poem, or article as the case may be!

I could regale you all with many tedious details regarding various plot devices, outlines, planning etc., and yes that would be rather boring, so I won’t.

Each and every one of us has our own style, our own unique way of doing things….. Yes, you are all individuals…Now I sound like a Monty Python flick!

Well, I think you get the point!

I will let you in on a secret;  my own unique style for planning my own writings involves many long chair rides up the (ski) chair lift on Vail Mountain, where I go off into my own little world and wile away the time, lost in a daydream.

AAAAAHH! Aragorn…Hang on! Gosh! Darn it! He’s already taken! I forgot all about Arwen! How does one compete with an Elf eh? Well, if you really are mortal like me…forget it. So then I have to transfer all that unrequited love over to the only other bloke in the Fellowship that is;

 a) Taller than me,


b) Not going to cark it (ie.die)

…..So that leaves Mr. Pointy Ears himself, one very eligible Elf by the name of Legolas. Then I schuss down the mountain, carving exquisite turns and performing death defying jumps (hey a girl can dream can’t she?), pretending that orcs are chasing me, and that Legolas is on his way to save me…then Hey Presto! Me own little story suddenly takes shape.

I wonder if anyone from Vail Resorts will read this? Hey! This means free publicity for you! Would a free Season Lift Pass for next year be out of the question?

So that’s the method I employ when planning the next outline for one of my chapters. Not very academic is it?

I think the main ingredient for writing a good story boils down to enthusiasm, and a modicum of reasonable grammar. Judging from the many writings that are posted here, there is plenty of enthusiasm to go round to boot as well. If you are finding my Ozspeak difficult to follow, I have provided a link to an Australian dictionary along with my Premiere Signature Piccie. I would also really like to encourage you all to become Premiere Members of Tolkien Online. It’s a wonderful site, and deserves our support.

So off you go then….Go read something! Make sure you encourage the writers here and leave a nice comment for all their hard work. Personally, I think it is wonderful to see so many people here, so inspired by Tolkien’s work, that they are moved to write about the world he created as well. It is a wonderful tribute to him. After all, if not for him, none of us would be here doing this.

Well, Hooroo for now…… I’m off to read one of the marvellous yarns that get posted here myself!





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