Orc Gone Good – Piece 3

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Piece three: Orc gone good:

York-ie pushes himself up the slopes, trying to get as far as he can before the sun rises in the East, but it rises fast, and York-ie grows weary. He stops, and sits in a cave and rests for a brief moment. Tree roots grow in through the roof of the cave, breaking cracks into the roof, crumbling the stone like bread. York-ie looks out of the opening of the cave and stairs at the dreaded sun, lifting over the mountains.

‘Blastsss you sun! FALLSS! Falls and never rises again!!’ cries York-ie. At his words, spears and swords pierced the darkness of the cave, and Goblins leap out at York-ie! Ripping his sword from his sheath and sends heads rolling! Not a spear, nor sword of the Goblins could touch him! The Goblins cried and yelped, but once ten Goblins lay dead on the stone floor, the others fled into the cave that never sees daylight.

York-ie wipes his blade clean of their black blood, and then wipes his forehead of the single bead of sweat. He snarls and roars from deep in his throat sending echoes into the dark!

‘I must be off!’ he says. He bolts out of the cave, and runs further up the path, running swifter then ever! The sun heats the cool air, and the dew of morning vanishes. A second path forms below him, coming out of a slit in the rock, and it follows the path he travels. It’s a Goblin path; they carved it into the Mountainside. York-ie runs with long strides trying to be clear of the cave, he knows if he falls behind, the Goblins will catch him and do unnamed things to him. Ahead the path runs straight, but then turns and cuts into a sharp corner.


The Dwarf band walks with amazing speed, now rested and fed, they can walk fast and for many hours into the evening. Their beards are wrapped into bundles on their chests, and their cloaks are draped over their backs. They fall further down the mountain, hanging on to tree roots that grow out of the side wall. Dok spies a second path below them; thin, but sturdy, running under the path they walk upon. Their path has widened greatly, now two full sized men could stand side by side without fearing a long fall. The sun beats down upon their heads, heating their iron helms. The path runs into a wide turn, looping into a sharp corner, where it appears to end. Birds sing happily in the trees, and the day promises to be a lovely one. Gordon runs ahead, coming up onto the corner, and then he turns and waves for the rest to follow.


York-ie comes to the sharp corner, he winds around the sharp turn smooth as a ball rolling in a pipe, but York-ie collides with something at his waist and tumbles and rolls to the ground…

Just as Gordon turns to go around the corner, something tramples over him like an elephant over an antelope! He falls on his back and feels cold metal tromp over him. Once he catches his wits he stands to his feet, an Orc stands before him, tall with his sword in his twisted fingers Gordon draws his axe from its resting place and faces the Orc with wide swings!

York-ie blocks nearly three of the Dwarfs at a time, throwing their swords to the side, and then hitting them with his huge fist. He uses his sword but rarely and only now when it is not a deadly blow. He roars with great rumbles amongst the rocks, the Dwarves from the back move to the front with their weapons in hand!

Keiwick sends arrows whistling over the heads of his companions and falling down at the Orc! His cries and roars sends chills up their backs, but they continue to fight strong! Soon enough the rest of the Dwarves have the path blocked from both side, and the Orc is trapped! He is taken down, and thrown against the stone wall! Gordon, Gurwick, and Rulldin’s blades pinch the neck of the beast, but none take the final blow.

‘What are you waiting for?! Kill him!’ cries Bordon!

‘Wait! Do not kill him! I want answers!’ says Gordon, holding his hand aloft. ‘What are you doing speeding along this path?! Are there more that follow?’ asks Gordon in a harsh tone.

The Orc hisses! ‘More does follow, but I am nots with them, I am’s alone!’ says the Orc. Gordon pushes his blade against his stout neck even harder.

‘YOU LIE! No Orc travels alone! Especially on a well used path! Now were are the others?’

‘I tolds you! They follow! But I am not with them! I do not go with those who kill for jest, or enjoyment.’

‘I find that hard to believe! You do lie! I say kill him, and send his head rolling down the path! Then we shall kill his companions!’ cries Gurwick loud and bold!

‘Thinks what you will! But I tell the troothsss!’ says the Orc. Gurwick swings his axe behind his head in rage! But Gordon stops its swing back with a glare.his axe!

‘STOP! You act to hastily! We do not even know his name or why he has come! But we will not talk here, if it is true that more follow, then here is not were we want to linger. There was a cave further up the slope, we will go back and talk there.’ The company runs back up the path for a mile, careful to keep the Orc from escape. They come to the cave, where only the leaders sit in and talk to the Orc, while the others stand guard outside.


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