Illyal of Rivendell – Illyal of Rivendell

by Feb 25, 2002Poetry

Once there was a lady fair,
the light as eb’ny on her hair,
to fangorn went, her arrows spent
alas that she did linger there

An elvish beauty she was seen,
her yes were as the elf-stone green,
Her horse was white, her footsteps light,
Pale Niphredil adorned her hair

In battle brave and long she fought,
None questioned her or gave a thought,
That she was she, nor less strong maybe,
than others who were fighting there

The one her quest was to destroy,
The wood- prince was her only joy,
When war was done, with dwarf they ran,
To learn secrets beyond compare

The daughter of an elvish lord,
Weilding bow and knife, no sword,
The fell’ship fades, the middle earth saved,
Like Tinuviel, vanish into memories fair


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