You’ve Come Back! – Original Poetry

by Dec 3, 2001Poetry

Am I dreaming that you’ve returned,
The friend I’ve lost but now have earned,
Is here right now and here to stay,
And never more to sail away?

All those years of haunting dreams,
Tears owning me it sometimes seems,
And sorrow of the time you’d gone,
Had made me think I’d see no dawn.

The Gray Havens cold and gray,
I begged you constantly to stay,
But you’d made a mind to leave me here,
Shedding the forever tear.

You boarded upon a ship of white,
I painfully watched with horrid fright,
Thinking how it couldn’t be,
That you were leaving off to sea.

And as the ship vanished from sight,
I waved goodbye to that ship of white,
And smiling with a searing pain,
I turned for home in the pouring rain.

For years I’ve sat alone and sad,
To see again that wonderful lad,
I’d stood by through the perilous quest,
To see you finish than lay to rest.

And when the ring claimed you at last,
My heart was beating ever so fast,
In fear of loosing you to that evil thing,
That cursed, tempting, horrid ring.

When I knew you weren’t to go,
I broke out to let the tears flow,
You were not claimed, you were not gone,
Then to home we carried on.

When you left me I felt the fear,
Of loosing the times we had spent here,
Talking, laughing, having fun,
And gloating of the war we won.

To the Gray Havens I went alone,
My heart feeling heavy as stone,
To watch and wait and hope you’d come,
In hope I’d finally see the sun.

The howling winds moaned in the night,
And quivering trees cowered in fright,
When I decided to leave instead,
I saw a light from up ahead.

The moon was piercing the darkened world,
The leaves trembling as they twirled,
A strange feeling lurked in the air,
Then I saw a figure way out there.

The howling winds became a breeze,
No trembling came from any trees,
The leaves were softly on the ground,
Suddenly there was no sound.

The dread inside me was gone at last,
The morning light was coming fast,
When the light died away I saw it true,
That the ship in sight was carrying you!

You ran to greet me with a smile,
We merely stood there for a while,
Knowing how a treasured past,
Had returned to us at last!

No matter where you go, Frodo, you’ll always be with me, my dearest friend.


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