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Gordon Paddison, New Line Cinema’s Senior Vice President of Interactive Marketing.
Who’s Gordon Paddison, you ask? Well, for one thing, as New Line’s Senior Vice President of Interactive Marketing, he launched the Official Site. And for another, he’s been a very good friend to Tolkien Online and other fan sites.

AGE: 36

WHY HIM? In May 1999, he launched the most ambitious and fan friendly studio website in Internet history: New Line’s www.lordoftherings.net, the official Lord of the Rings trilogy hot spot. It remains the home port of choice for Ringers, not only because of goodies like insider production updates and Internet debuted preview footage (downloaded over 1.7 million times in the first 24 hours), but because Paddison’s pet project has forged a genuine Web community.

INSPIRATION: Hobbit fanciers. Paddison’s no snob: He spends part of each day fielding questions from fans and chatting with webmasters — a practice that’s yielding good vibrations way beyond Middle Earth. “It’s about engaging — and not with sexy hoo-has and downloadable blah blahs. It’s about opening a dialogue for fans and nonfans alike.”

ON THE OTHER HAND… Sometimes Tolkien fans can be a wee bit arcane: “I have no idea the color of the bridle on the horse in the fourth chapter in the third book.”

WORK HABITS: “I do a lot of creative work between midnight and 3 a.m. That’s when most people who’ve been e-mailing have given up.”

BEST ADVICE: “Tell the truth. Those people on the other side of the monitor, they’re a bit savvier than the usual consumer. They can smell hype.”

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