Treebeards Lament – The loss and search for the Entwives

by Aug 4, 2000Poetry

The Parting
A long and twice a long ago/The world was paradise/ with twice our hearts desire/ and milenium to abide/ but time it brings a yearning/ that will not in time subside/that yearning bred a longing/for places far and wide/ Your heart lived in the garden/while mine beat in the wood/who knew that when we parted/ the rift would be for good/ /And side by side awhile we stayed/ where each could have his own/ the mild for you the wild for me/and all the world was home/ but longing needs fulfilling/the heart cannot deny/our compromise was willing/ but it led us to good-bye/Your heart beat in the valley/while mine walked in the hills/a thousand and more years gone by and I am searching still/ /For just a little space of time /our paths would move apart/and each would go their way to find/ the passions of their heart/time passes at a different pace/deep longings have their sway/ and when I turned to seek your face/I could not find the way/Your heart walked in the pastures/and mine the forests roamed/there’s no joy in the wildwood now/for your heart was my home.


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