Gandalf’s Answers to our Questions – Putting a Rumour to Rest

by Jun 16, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Ian McKellen – Gandalf
Ian McKellen has updated his E-post today answering quite a few questions regarding Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings films. Here are some of the questions he answers:

  • How much influence would you say George Lucas had in persuading studios to do stories in trilogy format?
  • Why wasn’t “The Hobbit” considered as a first movie?
  • How is the production going to portray the invisible wearers of the ring. Is the wearer going to be completely visible to the audience and just ‘ignored’ by the others on screen, or are they going to be misted etc. to create the effect of being invisible?
  • Do you and Peter Jackson ever visit Tolkien sites on the Internet?
  • I have read the trilogy very carefully, and I found no references whatsoever to elves having pointy ears. And yet, I just read that the actors who will play elves in the movies will have to wear prosthetic ears.
  • There has been a very nasty rumor that the character of Arwen (Liv Tyler) will accompany the other characters on the quest. Is this true, somewhat true or not true at all? A “spy” had noticed filming at the Door of Moria about to begin. He/she had walked away by the time filming actually began, but did overhear a woman’s voice screaming. This was assumed to be Arwen (Liv Tyler).

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