Last week, I had the privilege of joining The Babylon Bee‘s podcast as they continue their journey of reading through The Lord of the Rings (yes, they’re a satire site–but they’re also big LOTR fans!).

This isn’t a overly scholarly, in-depth, exegetical approach to reading the books: we’re a few guys who love Tolkien, hanging out together, looking at the deeper parts of each chapter and talking about the things that resonated with us.  If you’ve never taken the time to read the book–or want a measured and in-depth approach to reading the book again–make sure you subscribe to the podcast  (just search for “Babylon Bee” in your podcast app), or subscribe on YouTube!

In this episode, we discuss chapter 2, The Shadow of the Past. It’s a chapter full of exposition about the ring, sending us off into the first leg of Frodo’s journey. Hope you enjoy it!

Make sure you check out episode 1 and episode 2 too!


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