New Weekly Podcast

Looking for a fun new way to read through The Lord of the Rings?

The satire site, The Babylon Bee, is going to be reading The Lord of the Rings over the next year with a weekly podcast (if it’s a chapter a week, we’re looking at about 62 weeks)!  Now, while there’s bound to be some humor mixed in, they’re not approaching the books as satirists, but as fans of Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings. Editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and Dan Coats (the producer and co-host) are obvious long-time fans, and are serious Tolkien aficionados.

Don’t confuse this for a scholarly podcast.  This isn’t The Tolkien Professor reading through the books and giving you deep dives on etymologies of names, complete histories of locales, and Tolkien’s full personal back-story. This is a couple of guys who love LOTR and giving us an opportunity to read it with a set of new eyes.

You can subscribe to their podcast by searching for “Babylon Bee” in any podcast player of course. Or you can watch it on YouTube (video below)… One caveat: there is a longer version of the podcast that requires a subscription to the site ($50/yr to start).


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