Here’s another recording from the December 2, 2003 roundtable interviews I was invited to join with a few other journalists to speak to the actors and crew of The Lord of the Rings (our Peter Jackson episode is at

While the audio is terrible (we did what we could to make it listenable!), Peter Jackson’s Gandalf answered our questions earnestly and thoughtfully–particularly when discussing wisdom and fidelity to Tolkien’s books.

I hope you enjoy this special interview! And make sure you become a member at! In the extended episode I talk more in depth about:

  • What that green “jade” necklace he wore was (and a photo).
  • My thoughts on his portrayal of Gandalf (and whether even having a portrayal is good or bad).
  • Outside of PJ’s films, what is the best adaptation of Lord of the Rings?

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🗣 Special Thanks to Austin Robertson for the use of his voice!