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In this final episode of looking at The Mariner’s Wife, we fully finish Tolkien’s tale–but staying true to Tolkien’s characters and world. You’ll find out:

  • Why Sauron Hates Celebrimbor and the Númenoreans
  • How Erendis Dies
  • How Sauron is defeated (and what he does after that)
  • Why Erendis decides to marry Hallacar
  • How this story could possible end on a positive high note!

After spending 8 episodes on Tolkien’s unfinished tale, it feels even more like a missed opportunity–both as something we WISH Tolkien would have completed, but also a story of the 2nd age that would make for a great television series.

Then, in our extended episode (become a member to get it at

  • Where does pipe-weed come into the story–since the Numenoreans were actually instrumental in discovering it!
  • The Druedain (pukel men) actually came to Númenor too. Where might they fit into this tale?

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