Michael and I talk about “The Further Course of the Narrative” in Aldarion and Erendis. Tolkien made some notes about where the story would go, but at times they’re contradictory, and there’s no cohesive plot to speak of. What it is, though, is a glimpse into how Tolkien crafted his world, how there was no cohesive outline but times when his mind was simply driven to write the ideas that came to him.

We look at:
* How Tolkien wrote this way
* Ancalime’s family life–with her parents and husband
* Erendis and how, in a way, she can be compared to Eowyn
* Was Erendis’ death hopeful or hopeless?

Then, in our extended episode (become a member to get it at https://theonering.com/members):
* More thoughts on Aldarion meeting Celeborn and Galadriel
* If these stories were “preserved” by Gondor, why would such thoughts by Erendis be saved?
* What were the “emissaries” of Sauron to the elves at this time? What of using men against them?

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