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In this episode we learn when Tolkien wrote this story, as well as what might have inspired him to put this to paper. Then, Aldarion and Erendis FINALLY get married! But Aldarion manages to get in one more voyage before committing to it… and then we get elves! And birds! And a white tree!

We look at:

  • Tolkien getting inspired by the Prose Edda again!
  • When Tolkien wrote Aldarion and Erendis (it was AFTER the Lord of the Rings!)
  • Is Aldarion a Mariner or King?
  • What’s important about the elves coming to their wedding–and which elves were they!?
  • Erendis bears a real resemblance to Lúthien. Was this intentional?

In our extended episode (available for our members) we talk more about these changes, and also:

  • A deeper discussion into the parallels between Edith Tolkien and Erendis
  • Why do we get a glimpse of Erendis’ thoughts, in a much deeper level than Aldarion’s?

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The Road to Middle-earth by Tom Shippey

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