“Amid all the wreck of Isengard this seemed to them the strangest sight. But before the king could speak, the small smoke-breathing figure became suddenly aware of them, as they sat there silent on the edge of the mist…”
Chapter 8
The Road to Isengard

Well, I’m astounded. It’s a good thing there are so many synonyms in the English language, huh?

When things got hairy at Helm’s Deep I had actually expected the Ents to come to the rescue. But, I had not imagined their power and apparent overwhelming victory at Isengard.

I am hoping so bad that Peter Jackson does justice to Tolkien’s imagery. It would be fantastic indeed if he could show the transformation of Isengard from a place of good, to the place it became once Saruman turned to evil, and then finally to this state of nigh total destruction after the Ents’ battle.

And to move in closer and closer to discover Pippin and Merry unscathed, reclining on a lawn smoking!? I think Gimli spoke aptly for us all!!

The way they reacted at first made me worry that they might be under one of Saruman’s spells. A relief that they weren’t.

Looking on the destruction of Isengard and then thinking about Sauron, he seems imeasurably more powerful. The thought of defeating him and his minions by sheer force is practically, totally and utterly hopeless. With all this good luck lately, something has to go horribly wrong soon!

Finally, I was just thinking that Tolkien does a good job with humor. He knows how to bring levity to heavy situations. Gimli says some things that I chuckle at occasionally. The hobbits, too, as in this chapter, make for good comic relief.

Till next time, keep thinking,

Mark-Edmond Howell
Kanazawa Japan