“His helm they set beside him, and across his lap they laid the cloven horn and the hilts and shards of his sword; beneath his feet they put the swords of his enemies…”
Chapter 1
The Departure of Boromir

Bam! The chapter opens with adrenaline and confusion, following Aragorn till he comes upon the dying Boromir. And then the little mystery unfolds and Aragorn figures out that Frodo and Sam are indeed gone alone toward Mordor.

A good opening chapter, but talk about a sad one! I actually got a little misty-eyed there for a minute.

Well, at first, I was impressed by Boromir’s ability–his fight against the Orcs must have been incredible. You see, with him being the “weakest” member of the Fellowship, I’d forgotten what a renowned warrior he was. I spent so much time being wary of Boromir, he stopped being a good-guy to me.

Then, I felt like his death was the only thing that could have happened. The only just ending for him after he tried to take the Ring from Frodo. It seemed like a good thing: indeed he had payed.

Yet, after they “bury” him, sending him down Rauros, and sing their song of West, North, and South, I actually felt sad for Boromir–a good-guy that fell to the lure of the Ring, then did what he could to make right what he had done wrong. Quite sad.

Finally, as the chapter closed with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli making chase–the Three Hunters–my blood really got going. Let’s see where the story takes us. What will they find? How will “fate” guide them? Who will survive?

till next time, keep thinking

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