“Wicked masster!” it hissed. “Wicked masster cheats us; cheates Smeagol, gollum…”
Book VI
Chapter 3
Mount Doom

Wow. Wow. Wow.

So, I’m a bit speechless. Gollum and the One Ring reunited at last in the fires of Orodruin, both destroyed. It’s mildly disappointing to see now, as I suspected when he betrayed Frodo and Sam to Shelob, that there was indeed no hope for Gollum, no redemption. Unless his unwitting destruction of the Ring is some kind of redemption.

And now finally, I’m amazed that the Ring is gone. It was a lot quicker than I had suspected before starting Book VI. Not that I could have born much more of the misery of Chapters 1-3. The Quest is done. Completed. And the questions I had about what will happen when the ring is destroyed are on the brink of answers, I hope.

I’m not too worried for Frodo and Sam, actually. They have to live on to tell the story. But, I’m anxious to see what happens next, so I’m going to read on before I comment further.