“Do not touch the water!” said the Lady Galadriel softly. The vision faded, and Frodo found that he was looking at the cool stars twinkling in the silver basin.”
Chapter 7

The Mirror of Galadriel

Ah, so here’s Galadriel! A Noldorin elf. The sister of Finrod Felegund. She hung out with Thingol and Melian in Doriath during most of the Silmarillion, I think. Not particularly noteworthy till the very end of the Silmarillion where Tolkien mentions that of those that led the Noldor from Valinor to Beleriand, she was the last to remain in Middle-earth after the defeat of Melkor and the Silmarils were put to rest, as it were.

Now, she’s described more fully, and I remember how important it is that she dwelt for a time in Valinor. The Noldor were much greater elves than the Sindar on account that the Noldor had been to Valinor and the Sindar had not. Add to that the Ring of Power that she is the keeper of, and that’s pretty major. She comes across as far more powerful than her chump husband, that’s for certain.

Elrond hadn’t been sure of the effect of the destruction of the One Ring, but Galadriel is certain that it will cause even the Ring she keeps to lose its power; then Lothlorien will fade and and she will leave the land she loves and “go into the West.” Return to Valinor, I think.

How sad.

Speaking of sad, if you’ll bear with me I have something more to say about Gandalf’s fall. No one has said that he has died. Whenever they talk about it it’s always “he fell.” What Frodo saw in Galadriel’s mirror confirms that he will return, in my eyes.

As for frightening, I’ve also now encountered the Eye. A yellow cat-eye with a black slit of a pupil and “rimmed with fire.” Pretty creepy if you ask me. I’ve actually seen drawings/computer images of it. Ted drew a pretty good one, too.

Also sad is what Sam saw in the mirror. Oracles are trouble. Oedipus could tell you that. But then Sam probably hadn’t read Sophocles, although Tolkien clearly had.

till next time, keep thinking

Mark-Edmond Howell

Kanazawa, Japan