Frodo’s disappearing act at the Prancing Pony.
Chapter 9

At the Sign of the Prancing Pony

The theme for this chapter is frustration and irritation. Not at Tolkien! In fact, I’d say what I’m feeling is exactly what Tolkien intended.

Danger, we know, is close. From the start of the chapter some dark figure slipped over the gate behind them.

But Frodo and the others forget their danger too easily. Before long our hobbits are acting carelessly. And, even Frodo gets carried away and doesn’t have the sense to keep his hand out of his damn pocket when he knows the evil nature of the ring!!

I just want to strangle them all for being so unbelievably stupid!

And after the reaction to Frodo’s “accident” they should pack up immediately and get gone, because they are no longer even nominally safe.

They shouldn’t only be concerned for their personal safety, but Frodo especially should keep in mind the importance of keeping the ring out of the hands of the Enemy.

Finally, a positive note, kudos to Tolkien for the “man in the moon” song. It was brilliantly done. Did Tolkien ever put music to these songs or even approve of anyone else putting music to these songs? I wonder what they will be like in the movies.

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September 2000

Kanazawa, Japan