Chapter 5

A Conspiracy Unmasked

Well Sam Gamgee is more clever than I gave him credit for, and now Pippin and Merry expand our hobbit-party to 4. I like Fatty (Fatty? Maggot? Where in the world is he getting these names!!), but I’m not going to miss him on the adventure, I don’t think. He sounds a little too much like…oh what was his name, Bombur, Bofur, Bifur…you know, the fat Dwarf from The Hobbit always slowing things down. Although, I’m also afraid for Fatty. I wouldn’t want to stick around and wait for the Black Riders to come.

Which reminds me, I’m still curious about those Black Riders. The one on the Ferry dock was lurking and crawling around like I imagine Gollum. Perhaps if they are mortal men enthralled by the rings of power, the rings twist them into creatures similar to Gollum. But, on the other hand, if they had rings of power they should be more effective. How did they manage to miss the hobbits at the ferry? Did they let them cross, or are they just incompetent?

Ah the mystery. But the biggest mystery right now is Frodo’s dream–what could it mean? What is the tower, the light, the thunder? Merely symbolic or actual foresight?


Mark-Edmond Howell

Kanazawa Japan

August 2000