Of the Sindar

Wow, this chapter is chock full of stuff. Three major things: the Naugrim (Dwarves) and Sindar meet/Menegroth is constructed (we’ll call that one). The Nandor are reintroduced and settle in Ossiriand (two). And, the first war with the Orcs takes place (number three for this chapter).

Tolkien amazes me because he’s able to say so much with so few words. In a few paragraphs he brings to life the nuances and idiosyncracies of the Naugrim and their relationship with the Elves. The Naugrim are hesitant to teach foreigners their own language; they love Aule (their creator) and the earth and craftsmanship; they desire trade with the Elves; but, they fear the ocean and won’t readily go near it. How beautifully descriptive.

Also, it was a nice touch for Tolkien to bring back the Nandor. Later, after the war with the Orcs, a portion of them become the Laiquendi of Ossiriand. It’s interesting to be able to trace their history from the march of the Eldar from Middle-earth to Valanor to their becoming the Laiquendi ages later. I’ll certainly keep my eyes open to see what role they will play in the future.

The war with the Orcs isn’t told in an epic style; the major events are succinctly written and the story goes on. Here’s one spot of many that it is clear just how long the Elven history is. Tolkien could have written books merely on the account of this first battle, I’m
sure. On the other hand, we are awed by the importance of the events to come; for, if Tolkien can breeze by such a major event as the first war with the Orcs, how much more important must the events be that we have yet to read?

till next time, keep thinking,