Of the Ruin of Beleriand and the Fall of Fingolfin

Destruction, Destruction, Destruction. I’m worn out after reading this chapter. Tolkien has made no secret about the evil to befall the Noldor and Beleriand, and I know it gets worse, but his account of the Fall of Beleriand is absolutely devastating. So many Elves and Men die it’s not comprehensible. Morgoth’s forces detroy entire regions before they are (temporarily) stopped.

I was most taken by the account of the fall of Fingolfin. I couldn’t believe when he went as far as the very gates of Angband and demanded Morgoth face him. In fact, I think the most dread inducing statement in the book thus far is the very short sentence, “And Morgoth came.” It’s just unbelievable…but not in a bad way. As amazing as the description of their combat was, I was really surprised that Fingolfin did so much physical damage to Morgoth. Actually, I have a tough time comprehending his wounds. I mean, according to the Ainulindale their bodies are like clothing they can wear or not, as they desire. So, how is it that Melkor’s body sustains permanent damage? What would happen if his head (instead of his foot) were cut off? Would he die? Is that even possible? Something to ponder.

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