Of the Noldor in Belariand

Very nice. Very nice indeed. This chapter is a refreshing return to Tolkien’s element. Some noteworthy developments come to pass in these pages: the construction of Gondolin and the move of Turgon and his people (amazing); Melian uncovers more of the story of the Noldor from Galadriel (this part gave me tingles); the rest of the story of the Noldor is uncovered. Thingol was made aware of the evil past of the Noldor via Cirdan (how ’bout that? I knew there was something special about him–more to come, I’m sure), and more explicitly from Angrod who spells it out in all its bloody detail. This last event has an important implication: Thingol prohibits the speaking of the Noldorin tongue. It’s not clear to me whether the sons of Feanor follow this command–if they do, I find it a bit surprising and out of character. But, it would make sense that eventually the Elves in Beleriand speak one common tongue.

As Tolkien closes the chapter describing the completion of Nargothrond, Finrod’s stronghold, he leaves us with the trappings of a sad, love story. Finrod’s true love, Amarie–a Vanyar, remains in Valinor, which is why he doesn’t marry.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s amazing how many stories could be told within the story Tolkien tells.

Till next time, keep thinking,