OK, I skipped a week. I’m sorry. To make it up to you, I’ll post two of Marks reviews. He just informed me this week that he has finished everything we are going to allow him to read in the Silmarillion.

Of Men

It’s a beautiful thing to me that Men first come into
contact with the Dark Elves that never joined in the
journey to Valinor and don’t know but rumors of the
Valar. I can’t explain exactly why it is so great.
Maybe it’s because the Dark Elves are no longer merely
lost and without hope of seeing Valinor. Now, they
have a special purpose: to welcome Men into the world
and teach them. Remembering how long ago it was that
the Dark Elves were lost when they fled Orome and
Nahar, that they should now come back as an important
element in this grand legend of Tolkien’s is very cool

It’s a definite style of Tolkien’s in the Silmarillion
to mention in passing an incredibly intriguing story
that may or may not be told later. Right now I’m
refering to Beren son of Barahir who is the only Elf
ever to return from the mansions of the dead. What a
great story would that be, huh?! Sheesh. There’s also
mention at the very end of Earendil and Elwing
(apparently the offspring of elf/man relationships)
and their child Elrond–only slightly less
intriguing. I suppose the imagined hearers of these
tales would be Elves (I’m sure you’re sick of my
pointing that out), and they would all probably be
familiar with these great legends that Tolkien
mentions in passing. So, as frustrating as it may be,
again kudos to Tolkien for adding these tidbits in to
make the grand story more fascinating.

till next time, keep thinking