Author’s note: I am sooooo sorry I forget to put down what the * meant!!!! Well here is what they meant: *=the marks are on page 1098 in the appendices in Return Of The King. They are numbers 12 and 22. **= Mae govannen means Welcome ***= Estelio nin means trust me ****= Im estelio le means I trust you *****= Le melleth Aragorn? means You love Aragorn?

From now on I will put the translations on the bottom of the chapter!!!


“Do not let Boromir enter Galadriel! Mara is afraid of him and wants nothing to do with him,” Aragorn says to Galadriel.

“As you wish m’lord,” Galadriel says sending Boromir away. “For you are her guardian when Elrond is not with her.”

Soon the Hobbits and Gimli come in..

“How is she?” Pippin asks.

“She is burning up with fever,” Arwen answers. Then looking at Aragorn’s concerned face quickly adds;” Avo ‘osto. Hebo estel.”

“Hannon le Arwen, Le melon*,”Aragorn says smiling at her lovingly.

“Aragorn, Le melon**,” Arwen says bowing her head slightly.

Just as Aragorn is leaving Mara awakes and calls out;” MOTHER!”

Aragorn runs over to his sister and says;”Quiet, Mara, quiet. Mother is dead, she has been for years.”

“I know… but I could have saved her,” Mara tells Aragorn.

“O man pedich***?”

“Aragorn, mother did not die from age. Orcs attacked the camp we were at one time, me and mother, an orc came in and ran towards mother. I did not move, I could not move. Not until sh screamed out in pain could I move but then it was to late. She was dead!” Mara recalls. “Seeing Gandalf fall brought back all the memories,” she adds as she starts to cry into Aragorn’s chest, yet again.

“That was before you became Ranger, you did not know how to conquer your fears and fight when you need to,” Aragorn says hugging his sister.

“Aragorn did you say she was… is a Ranger?”Galadriel asks.

“Yes m’lady. The only woman Ranger. Why”

“I was just wandering. That would explain the marks,” Aladriel says under her breath walking away.

When Mara stops crying she is alone in the room, and decides to go outside. There she sees Legolas kissing Isil and runs to find Aragorn.

“Mara! What is wrong?” Aragorn asks catching her as she trips over a tree root.

“Legolas kissed Isil! In front of me!” Mara cries. “He broke my heart!”

“He would never do it in front of you. I told him you are in love with him.”

“Then she must have hypnotized him again. Please will you go tell him what I told you about Isil? For I cannot or Isil will kill me!” Mara says.

“Okay, okay I will. As soon as…”Aragorn starts but gets interrupted.


*=Hannon le Arwen, Le melon. Means Thank you Arwen, I love you.

**=Aragorn, Le melon. Means Aragorn, I love you.

***=O man pedich? Means What do you speak of?