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Since 1999, we’ve been a home for Tolkien enthusiasts, fans of Peter Jackson’s films, and a great resource for maps, pictures, and our exhaustive complete list of film changes.

Be sure to listen to our weekly podcast, Exploring Tolkien, with Tolkien fans and experts Jonathan Watson, Michael Grumbine, and Dan Coats! They discuss, debate, and dive deep into everything Tolkien wrote, and examine how new shows (like The Rings of Power) are  treating Tolkien’s works (for good or ill).

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“It’s incredibly refreshing to hear Michael, Jonathan, and Dan appreciate Tolkien’s world, without imposing their world views on it. A Must-listen-to if you’re a real Tolkien Fan!”


Better than any Class

“These guys are better than any literature class I ever took! They delve into On Fairy Stories and The Silmarillion in a way that would cause Professor Tolkien to smile and raise his glass.

~Dani California


“If you want to read (or simply listen) through The Silmarillion with three brilliant guys, this is the podcast for you.”

~Pcola Benny

Funny, Entertaining

“I love how they are always respectful and thought-provoking, and show me things I might have missed.”


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Exploring Tolkien Podcast

Join Jonathan, Michael, and Dan as they explore Tolkien’s Middle-earth every week!

Middle Earth Maps

Maps of Middle-earth

Take a deeper look at the lay of Middle-earth

Complete List Of Film Changes

The Complete List of Film Changes

Read about every change the films made to the books!