They of the Myst - chapter two

There came music from some unknown place in Arda as the elves sat amid the boughs of the trees, listening intenly to what songs were being played. They wondered at who could be playing the strange music, for it was unlike the music of their own lands and the lands of the mortal men. Pipes played and the fiddle furiously sang out into the growing night, so fast did it hum, that it soon played alone, for the pipes could not keep in time with it. The elves laughed upon the merriment of the music and soon one lept from the tree in which he was seated and said unto the others: " I shall go now to find who plays such furious songs as these! Follow me if you will! " And this elf was called Thranduil and he was lord of those with whom he conversed. He was tall and fair as the sun in the morning sky and with such a light he seemed to shine.

The elves, Thranduil's folk, shook their heads no, that they should remain behind and listen to the music, and so it was.
Thranduil turned and called forth into the darkness and a steed as white as fallen snow came swiftly to him, seeming to dance upon the wind so fair a steed it was.

Thranduil mounted the horse with no saddle nor reins, for elves hold such a soothind tongue that they need not burden their mounts in such a way.
Quickly the elven king turned and galloped away into the night, and he sought out the strange newcomers.


Okay,,,,,,,I know this chapter is REALLY REALLY short, but I felt like writing, and then I didn't, soooo......

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