Why Middle Earth is Amazing - I love Middle Earth

There is nothing better than sitting down to a good Tolkien book, whether I'm reading the trilogy or the Lost Tales, I always manage to get lost in his words.

Middle Earth is so simple, and clean. It has not been scathed by greedy capitalists and their industrys. Reading Tolkiens books is like going to a new world, trapped inside words. The good people of Middle Earth fight for freedom, and all that is good, they don't embrace evil, they fight it until their own bloody demise. They don't fight for power or money, heck money is trivial in Middle Earth. Tolkien only references to currency when he talks of the hobbits in Bree.
Sometimes I wish I could fly off to Middle Earth and live on the untouched lands. There is just open land in Middle Earth, wonderful, free, land. Life is simple, machines aren't so complicated that I wouldn't understand how they work.
Although nobody is perfect on Middle Earth, and everyone has their faults, they overcome them in the end for the greater good. Even though Frodo is overpowered by the ring in the end, he still comes back, as the cheery hobbit he once was.
After losing hope in this world, it's a good feeling to let my hope for good linger on in Middle Earth. It is just so real, and so vibrantly described by Tolkien, Middle Earth just has to exsist. This world we live in today has been polluted by industry and greed, everything Sauron and Saramon threatened Middle Earth with. Sometimes I think that this is what Middle Earth would have been like if the ring had come back into the possesion of Sauron.
I wouldn't mind living in the evil parts of Mirkwood, if it meant leaving this world. Leaving a world of greedy, ignorant, capitalists behind, for the simple life in Middle Earth would be terrific. It is hard to explain what Middle Earth is for me. I guess it's the place where my hope for a good world lives and thrives.

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