White Flower of Doriath - Ch.1

A little girl is crying as her town goes up in flames. "Momm,Pappa!" She cried, looking for them.
"Niphredil, come on!" Her older brother's voice urged her on as he scooped her up and ran into the woods.
"But where is Momma?" She cried and shook violently. As they hid from the orcs still lighting houses on fire, her brother whispered, "I don't know."

"Niphredil! Wake up!" Niphredil lifted her head reluctantly from her sleep. She had fallen asleep while reading a book. A face wass poking around the doorway.

"What Luthien?"

"Father's guests are in the Hall." She said, referring to the room with her parents thrones in it. "He wants us to meet them." Niphredil nodded and got up.

After the fire that killed her parents, her brother had taken her to Menegroth, where an Elf woman took them in. They lived with her for many yeaars. Her brother grew in stature and in mind whel still taking care of his quiet sister. Because of her early trauma, Niphredil 4rarely spoke, preferring to keep her thoughts inside of her head. Niphredil also learned under the careful teachings of their foster mother.But when Niphredil was almost grown, the only mother they had really known, died.

Niphredil became even more subdued. She didn't like to come out of the house. But her brother, Aranwe, made her walk with him every week. During tese walks, they talked and grew even closer. On one of these walks, Luthien found them and brought them to her father. Aranwe told King Thingol all that had happened, andthe king took pity on them. Eversince, the king and queen called them their children. Niphredil and Luthien also became the best of friends, but no one could take the place of her brother. Luthien treated her as the sister she never had.

They finally reached the Hall. They went and stood next to Zueen Melian's chair. Niphredil noticed her brother standing solemnly behind Thingol's chair. They acknowledged each other with a nod and a smile.

Thingo spoke, "I would like to introduce to you to the lords Curufin and Celegorm."

Niphredil's gaze shifted to the two Elves standing before the throne. The elder, Curufin, had dark hair and even darker eyes. Celegorm had blond hair and blue eyes.

Thingol continued, "My lords, this is my daughter Luthien, nd our adopted children, Aranwe and Niphredil."

Niphredil felt eyes upon her. She saw Curufin looking at her blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. She shyly averted her eyes.

"My Lords, thank you for coming. We have buisiness to discuss with you. We feel that Morgoth is getting ready for battle." Thingol spoke to the Elf lords.

Curufin agreed. "It is as I expected.

"We should attack his stronghold now. Before he gathers his full strength." Thingol replied.

"No." Curufin argued. "We need time to gather our full strength. If we wait, we will have the advantage of knowing the land."

"But then our homes will be at stake."

"They will be anyway." Curufin replied.

Thingol hesitated, then said, "We will discuss this later."
The brothers nodded and left.

Niphredil then saw Aranwe beckon to her and they left together. The walked into the woods, when Aranwe finally spoke. I noticed Curufin's eyes on you."

Niphredil nodded. Her brother stopped and turned to her. "Beware of him. He and Thingol are not going to agree on this war. He may become our enemy." He paused, then said, "I noticed a lust behind his eyes when he looked at you."

"But why does he not want Luthien? She is much more beautiful than i am." Niphredil argued.

"I'm not sure. Maybe he thinks you will be easier to get than Luthie. I just don't know." He pushed a piece of her hair out of her eyes with gentle fingers. She stared into his grey eyes. She could see worry for her in them.

"Don't worry, brother." She said lightly. "We don't even know he means wrong. I'll be alright." She smiled as they turned back to Menegrothe.

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